Sunday, February 16, 2014

Typing Table

Typecast typed 100% on this brand typing paper

Using this Brother Acord 10 from 1981, making it the newest (by age) in my collection
Sorry for the blurry Escort.  I realized I uploaded the wrong photo after this post was up and when I change photos it usually messes up my post so I hope no one minds a bit of camera movement in the above photo.

The H-Lo typing table with the side leaves down.
For those who may want to live in Florida, once again today was quite spring like.  Clear sunny sky and at 2:14 E.S.T. my weather station recorded the high: 75 degrees F or 24C.  Won't be long and the heat will be unbearable again.  Once the temperature gets into the 80sF or high 20sC the R.H. follows and gets unbearable it stays in the 80% and usually more. 


  1. The typing table brings back memories of my high school days. It's been nice and warm here the last couple of days too. It should remain in the 70s throughout most of next week.

  2. I need a table just like that!

  3. I agree, very nice tying table.
    Wait a minute, I thought you had moved out of Florida?

  4. Very nice typing table Bill.. I didn't realize you could actually get a table especially designed for typing! I'm at the moment typing on a table that was made for me, perfect height :) Do you know when your table was made, it looks pretty old.. I like old!

    1. No idea on the age Grace. 90% or more I've ever seen are plain metal. When they are on Ebay they are way over priced.