Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Continuing the Report of the Michigan Typewriter Insurgency (Part 2)

A modified Manifesto

Wonder why Agent Elise is so happy

Agents Elise, Andrea, and Debbie.  Agent Dorothy was missing in action.

Agent Bob enjoying Tony Casillo's Typewriters book.

Not only were there plenty of pinball machines and darts, Agent Debbie found this customized Monopoly game among the many boardgames available play.

One of the bystanders tries her hand at typing

This is Agent Andy's SM3. It is like new and has a glossy smooth finish.

Poem from the upper corner of the above

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Report of the Michigan Typewriter Insurgency Part 1

Sorry for the double space beginning of paragraph one .

Agent Dave and Agent Andrea

Organizer Andy, Agent Elise, and Agent Matt

Agent Dorothy and Agent Debbie

I did not get the name of the fellow on the right.  Note Andrea's fine black Royal and Andy's unique smooth finish SM3

Agent Mark typing a poem on his L. C. Smith.

Agent Andy brought his beautiful red Remington. You may remember this typewriter from the Traverse City post.

Now, this was perhaps the best out of the bunch.  Agent Elise brought this Optima. First I ever saw live and in person. It is a superb typewriter with action as good or maybe even better than an Underwood!  There is one sticking problem with it though where the carriage stops without warning.

A typewriter T-shirt
There are only two typing examples in this part.  I have over 100 images of the gathering and will be parsing the good ones and more typing over the next few days and posting a part 2.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Typewriter Insurgency Strikes Michigan

I thought this letterhead appropriate since I'll be taking my Olivetti typewriters.

The Olivetti family all packed and ready to go.
I was hoping to acquire a Lettera 32 by now, but the typewriter gods did not provide. The family is minus one of its mid-sized brothers.  I do have a copy of Richard's book, Tony's book, and the movie included along with some typewriter company letterheads and a poster of a keyboard.  Gotta pack the back seat because the trunk is needed for Mrs M's mobility scooter.