Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Can You Identify my Latest Typewriter?

What is I.T.A.M. without getting another typewriter?
I was going to fix a problem and use this one tonight.  I have not been posting with each typewriter I have in the order I received them.  I have not posted once a day.  No different today.  This machine has more than the easy to fix problem.  It'll be a day or two (time permitting) before I can try it.

Adler was a bit strange tonight.  R and H were sticky.  With use they freed.  I guess it did not like being ignored for about 6 months.  It is not as good of a typer as my Underwoods, but it beats most of what I have.


  1. I know what it is but I won't say.

    Your comment on the quality I find odd, as to me it seemed to only be of slightly lower quality than its predecessor.

  2. Well, that escapement wheel looks like one I spent several happy evenings with a couple of months ago. So I will stick me neck out and suggest that what you have there, Bill, is a Frozen Facit 1620.

  3. I can recognize a Facit by those metal arcs on either side of the typebasket. Which model, I dunno.

  4. Richard is right - the mystery continues. The typewriter that gave me some fun was a Frozen Facit 1620. What we know about Bill's so far is that it is a _______ Facit ______. It will be interesting to have those blanks filled in .