Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Do you really want to vote for....

First one's from Facebook, second from Snopes.

Imagine this as the President.  Then there is Trump!  Yuk! The election needs to start over.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Back to Normal...Sort-of

Great weather yesterday and today. 

I've always liked the day after severe thunderstorms when I lived in the North.  There were a few trying times during tornadoes, but the same nice sunny days immediately after.  Here in Florida we seldom get the nice low humidity days.  At least the daytime high temperature seldom reaches the 90s F or mid 30s C. 

Today is getting back to normal as I get ready to do a bit more cleaning in the yard.  A bit of a late start since it is always better to get an early morning start before the afternoon heat, but after a full day of working outside cutting trees and clearing storm debris yesterday I may be lazy and only do a minimum of work.

We only had some tree branches fall, damage to my anemometer, and a broken outdoor light.  A tree fell on the neighbor's SUV, and another house had some roof damage.

Our electric went out Thursday night, and it was restored by about 07:30 hours E.D.T. yesterday.  Like the Mayor of New Orleans when Katrina hit the city, I did not follow my emergency plan so I did not have a generator ready.  No big problem though as most everything I have is on battery backup which can last up to 36 hours.  By next time even the refridge will be on battery.  I have the converter sitting in the garage. We can do without air conditioning for a few days.  Without a/c longer than a few days after a storm though can be unbearable or fill one's house with mildew.  Older houses are not so bad as they were built with thicker walls, different roofing, and larger windows that can be opened.  They are also ventilated differently. 

Our house has windows that can be opened, but they are small.  For example, houses in the north are well lit by only window light.  Here houses are more like caves with a small opening.  The new houses have bigger and better window lighting, but the widows are fixed and the only way to open them is to break them.  Some houses have a combination of windows types. Our house without air conditioning causes things to mildew even with fans circulating air.

I will not go into why I hate living in Florida since most readers of this blog know as soon as I can I'll be back in the North.  We were quite ready to move until I got the job I have.  So I will probably be stuck here until I can retire to the North unlike many Northerners who think Florida is a nice place to live.  I prefer Arizona if I am to live in any place south.  New Mexico is nice too. Either are better than here.  You must like heat and humidity to enjoy Florida. Oh, and lots of bugs (mosquitoes!) and lizards, snakes, and buzzards.  OK, the North has gnats.

Mrs. says it's time to get to putting things back in place.  I agree.  Next post will be a typecast or pencast.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

A Big Giant Storm is in the Works

Tonight I though I may do a short typecast rather than this plain post.  Not so.

Saturday was the 5th anniversary of my blog. Since I had not posted for way too long I thought I'd do something special with a pencast followed by a typecast.

With the approaching storm there is not enough time for hobbies.  Too much to get ready. This one is a big one.  I have been watching the NASA feeds from the ISS and this storm looks nearly as big a Katrina.

We are 10 miles inland so storm surge should not be an issue and we are also on the West side of the storm center (at the moment).  I do not expect too much in my area, but the beaches will get hammered.

So as I am getting the house, vehicles, and radios ready I hope to get back to posting in a few days. 

Not sure what I'm doing for the storm yet as help is needed for communications which I can do from home or deploy to a fire station or shelter as long as Mrs. M can stay there or I can stay home and enjoy the wind and rain --- and type.