Saturday, August 4, 2018

Back to Typecasting

My scanner scans on a slight bias in one direction and the lens distortion in the opposite direction.

One thing I noticed when I first starting typing on this Mill is my rhythm and touch must me consistent to get an even density in the typeface impressions.
I never noticed similar using Remington oblique strike typewriters at any of our Type-Ins.

This was going to be my typewriter of choice for this evenings Type-In in Ann Arbor, but we will not be attending.  The cost of travel and lodging is too high being too close to our daughter's wedding.  I have a great paying job, but too little savings for what is required since only moving here a bit longer than a year ago.

Yes!  I could have forgone purchasing a Mill.  I chose not to delay my purchase this time.  Had this been the expensive Underwood WU that is on Ebay, yes.  Had it been any of the more common Mills, yes. 

I only wish a previous owner would not have cleaned the typewriter because they removed the U. S. Navy decal.  There is just something special at having the decal.  I've seen the decal missing on Universals and Arrows too.  I'd rather a not so clean Mill with the decals in place instead of a clean Mill without the decals.

Now I have about 60 or 70 typewriters to digitally image and place on The Typewriter Database.