Wednesday, January 7, 2015

More Typewriters - Including another Hermes 3000

On my desk, but I forgot to take down the white background I used for the close-ups. The can with the wires on it behing my mug is one of the capacitors we make.

Tthis machine looked new except for a few scratches on the back.

The usual missing platen knobs.

The right knob from a first generation works fine.

The only ink is from me using the typewriter.  This is what the slugs looked like when I opened the cover!

I did a quick typecast after I took the photos.  It is a very good typer for a square body H3k.  I like the action of the round ones better, but this one is not as mushy as my other square ones.

Plenty of room to store the typewriter.

Christmas present to myself.  Works fine and looks great. SN 863309, 1955?

Top view of my Oliver no. 5. SN341590, 1912?

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Hermes 3000 Director Elite and A Happy New Year

I'm awash in H3k machines.  The latest addition makes 7 in my collection surpassing my Skyriters!

This shows the one and only small blemish on the entire machine.  Can you find it?

Before cleaning.

After cleaning

It even came with both brushes

Taken before cleaning.  Dates the typewriter to 1964

This is where I work.  My new job came complete with my own lab.
 It's fun enjoying a job.  I do not think any are as rewarding as when I was a firefighter.  Lowe's was a fun place, and I had another job or two in retail I liked, but none come close to broadcasting or teaching.  Sears service department was nice too.  What I like about my present job; it is quite a bit like working at a radio station.  I've got some cool projects I'm working on including new products and machines as well as adding a few more engineers and technicians.  I have music in the lab too, and one day I plan on installing a nice stereo and a typewriter.  I need a typewriter.  Perhaps one of my Royal HHs.

Here's a link to a tour.