Thursday, March 26, 2020

Thankful Grateful

Typos in both parts left uncorrected.  I also loaded a new distro onto my computer and have not yet got the scanning properties where I want them so there are 2 parts of slightly different image sizes even though I scanned what I thought were same size scans horizontally.

I typed as much as I could in the garage before we left for Lansing.  Then I moved out into the fresh air.

The original typecast idea centered on being thankful for different experiences, people, things, and life in general.  Wow! how things have changed since November 2019.  I could not think of a good title. I decided on 2 words of appreciation.

Since there are many behind the scene people out there that are staying on the job because they want to stay and some because they need to stay I wanted to post a bit so all who read this post may also thank or be thankful and show their appreciation for those still on the front lines.

I know I did not mention everyone. I did not mention the military personnel who are still on active duty or those recently called to activate.  Those who are serving here in the U.S.A. and those deployed to other countries, yet not limited to the military of the U.S.A.; also including all those of other countries.

Our youngest is still flying helicopters in Afghanistan. Our hope is for him and his ground and air crew to be safe.  Presently we don't hear much about the mid-East or any other location.  Covid-l9 takes not only headlines, but all the news.

This is not the first disaster I've been through. It is the most wide-spread and serious of any during my life time. It is one time I am anxious to get back out on the ambulance and in other areas of response.  I miss living at the fire station or even at one of the radio stations where we were up and on the air or on assignment for several days straight until one of us could take a nap. 

At the same time I need to sit this one out.  I am glad to be home where Mrs. M and I can lead almost a fully normal life.  I'd hate to be out and bring into our house this silent and deadly enemy.  This one is much more serious than when I was at 3 Mile Island.

We read more than usual.  We watch more movies than usual.  I get to type more. By typing I hope I'm improving my writing.  I also hand write and hope I soon stop scribbling so I can at least do a pen cast and maybe some notebook / journal reviews.

Listen to the doctors and scientists and ignore most of what some politicians say.  After all this virus did not start on a schedule nor will it end on one, especially a man made one.

Stay home. Stay Safe.  Stop the spread.

Friday, March 20, 2020

A Typecast For The Sake of Typecasting on The First Day Of Spring

TIme to get back to typecasting.

The second typewriter I picked up about a week ago is an L.C. Smith
Super-Speed that is on the bench to be cleaned as soon as the weather gets a
bit warmer.

Spring, like Autumn, starts early.  Then we have the normal Equinox a bit later.  Even so this year Spring is earlier than it's been in 124 years.  Hopefully the air will warm before long and I can get to work on some typewriters.  Better yet, maybe the Covid-19 will die.

Speaking of Covid-19, it has even caused us to cease having our monthly typewriter gatherings.  There were 2 since my last post, but I no longer have any images of the event.

Typecast from my 1937 Underwood No. 6.