Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Post Man Fit the Entire Fox Typewriter Company Into My Mail Box

I did not notice I mis-spelled Luxe until I had this uploaded.

The pages are perfectly straight. I could not get the book to lay exactly straight and aligned in my scanner so they display a bit tilted.

I planned a longer typecast, but I used Mead Erasable Bond Typing Paper that was so thin, even folded in half, that it would not feed properly through my Montana.

The calendar was from a Kikstarter project. I do not know if it is still available.

I got the book from Tyler's Blog.  Here is the link to the book.

At one time I chose my Hermes Baby over this typewriter.  Then I cleaned and lubricated both of them.  (Both have hard platens and soft feed rollers.)  Now I prefer this one over the Hermes. The Montana Luxe is a much nicer typer and loads paper without the paper catching on the ribbon covers.