Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Clairefontaine Notebook and a New Fountain Pen and GOOD RIDDANCE BLOGGER! I'M MOVING TO WORDPRESS!

Four hours trying and retrying the new blogshit.  No more. I hate software I cannot get to work properly and this is not software I care to mess with.
sorry there is no review here.  When I get set up on WP I may continue this.
I apologize for the tiraide since I really wanted to review this last notebook and then do a final summary.  Things will need to wait until I get time to move to WordPress. I'll be letting this blog up IT will not be supported.

Sunday, May 3, 2020

Rhodia A5 Notebooks

Rhodiarama on left and Webnotes on right.

Sorry for the usual typos. One day I'll not make any.

I generally don't choose soft cover notebooks or journals larger than pocket size, but I do like this one even better than the hardbound.  You'll see why later.

Both this Webnotes as well as the Rhodiarama have a soft-touch to the texture of the  covering on the cover, but this one leaves a lot to be desired of a quality cover.

This paper is nice to write upon with any pen I tried, even pencil.  Very smooth.  I meant shadowing as there was no bleed through for any pen used, even the sharpie.

As seen, very little shadowing.

0.0045 inches thick paper.

This is why I'll not be buying any more of these.  The weird feel to the covers and they arrive damaged which says to me they will be easily damaged if carrying them around. 

My trusty Barcelona made Olivetti Lettera 32. It has a nicer touch than my Italian made one.
As with typewriters all notebooks have their quirks.  For Rhodia it is the covers on the Webnotes one. For the extra price it is not worth buying compared to the soft cover Rhodiarama.  Both are casebound which makes them a good choice, and the Clairefontaine paper is hard to beat.

Both notebooks lay nice and flat and have ruled pages with line spacing of about 7mm.  There are plenty of choices from Rhodia, plain paper, dots, lined, and quad ruled.

There are also plenty of sizes from pocket to large and assortment of binding styles.  Overall a very nice product, and much better for the price than Moleskine.

Sunday, April 26, 2020

UniNote Cloth Covered A5 Notebook

The richness of the cloth covering makes these journals look more expensive than they are.  There is a disadvantage to cloth though; dirt.

My 4B needs a platen and feed rollers.  The ribbon feed was acting-up today also.  I guess it works fine for being 93 years old.

I started, and continue, to leave the ink test pages as they scan. I do not edit or scale them so sometimes like here, on this page they look smaller than the covers, but once clicked open to a full size scan.  Feathering? What feathering.  A bit at the M in My, but I have not found any ink to feather.

I was completely amazed at the tiny bit of shadowing with this paper. It is the best paper I found. There is a reason I did not like Leuchtturm1917 beside being higher priced than many notebooks; it was this notebook and its paper. It is a bit smaller than the Leuchtturm1917, but for the price I'll use these for fountain pen.  Pages are not prenumbered. That has never been a notebook killer for me since I have been numbering pages manually since high school.

This just happened to be the center of a signature. I left it here because I thought the pages might be perforated. They are not, but I do not know what may have caused the mark.  These are the only  2 pages I found with the mark along the inside.

I like to measure the pages because of the confusion of vellum vs text vs book paper sheet weights.  This is 100 gsm paper and measures (I could feel it as soon as I opened the notebook) a whopping .0057 inches thick!
 If I am not mistaken even Clairefontaine paper is not this thick. I'll find out because I have one on order. I've never used one of their notebooks, and there are so many different styles I did not know what to pick.  You'll see it in a future post.

Lines are spaced about 1mm wider than the other notebooks: 7mm vs 6mm

This company does not hide the place of manufacture.

This typewriter has one of the best feels compared to all of my typewriters, even Underwood. Perhaps because I grew up with a very similar one that was made about 1929 or 1930, and it is still in the family.  Thanks to Richard Polt this one now rings its bell at the end of the line.
I really liked the journal in the center from Greenroom in Taiwan, but they no longer manufacture it.  It is a bit larger than A5 (same size as the Leuchtturm1917), and the lines are wide spaced.
Unless the price goes up, I'll be using more of these.  Even if the price goes up, as long as it is not much more than $10.00 I'll still use these for fountain pen.
The only thing that shadows is a Sharpie. I thought of that after I posted.  I tried a sharpie and it does ghost, but it does not bleed like with thinner paper.

Look for these on Ebay or Amazon.