Saturday, April 4, 2020

Saturday Typing

I found this little fellow on a walk in the Lillian Anderson Arboretum earlier this week.

I was hoping he'd come out and say hello, but being a chipmunk would not leave his log as long as I sat there.

These were all taken from the same distance, I did not crop them all to the same ratios.
The Lillian Anderson Arboretum is not too far from home, and I visit often. It is like an outdoor classroom as I often run into students and instructors from Kalamazoo College when there. The Arboretum is fully owed and maintained by Kalamazoo College and connects to the Main Street Park (Oshetemo Twp. Park) also a wonderful place to go walking in the woods.

Stay home & stay safe. If you go to a local park keep your distance.

My last post got corrupted

I've been working on the code for my previous post.  The title and all blogs on my blog list got turned into blue links.
As I test post Blogger bumps the titles to the most recent posts as my tests post.
I'm posting this one as a filler to go to the post from yesterday. I am working on using Word Press and kiss this platform goodbye for ever. I don't know how much support Blogger is getting.  From what I read on tech sites; not much.