Friday, April 11, 2014

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Corona 3

The flap that lowers to remove / replace the typewriter was torn.  2 layers of Gaffer's tape repaired it.

First thought was a heat shrink covered platen.

Closer examination showed a recovered platen.  I like the blue.

Included in the case was an instruction book, cleaning brush, and oiler with oil.
I found the following start of a typecast in my blue TP 2 when I got it out of its case to type yesterday.
Last week after doing some work in the yard I took a break and was watching carpenter bees and along came Jones...Slow walking Jones, Jones and Jones and Jones.  Well, I do not know what kind of birds these are, but they strolled right down the street like they owned the place and knew where they wanted to go.  Debbie followed on behind and followed them around the corner and up the next street.  The decided to take the canal.  Debbie just watched.

I think I will name them Curly, Larry & Moe.

 I thought I would type a bit after I finished mowing, As stated in the above typecast from yesterday, plans changed.

No typewriters in the local GoodWill store, but I did find this for $4.99.
I wonder Ted, can the A570 be hacked to do infrared ?

Notice my machine has the Pounds Sterling symbol instead of the $ symbol?

This also arrived in the mail this week. Inside I found it was printed in 1899.