Monday, September 1, 2014

Laboring on Labor Day by adjusting a Tippa S

Adler Tippa S (1969) with Ransmayer Rodrian (Ro85) Pica Cubic.  Almost identical to the CSA Pica Cubic on my Facit TP2.

Original out of line upper and lower case letters.  Using the line gage I then used the Ll and Ii to align.
 I work one end of the carriage and then the other end until both are aligned.  I use the _____ underscore to ensure the alignment of the line and that will show which case is out of alignment.
After a bit of trial and error alignment is nearly 100%.

Left carriage track end adjustment screws.  Out brings the lower case up and raises it on the line.

Right end of the carriage track.

I needed to replace the broken knob so I broke off all of the remaing plastic and used a channel module equalizer adjustment knob from an audio mixing console as a replacement.