Saturday, July 3, 2021

Things Really Are Getting to Normal, Up, Up, and Away in my beautiful balloon...

 Blogger is at it again. I hope this works this time.

I should have said Scribed from by IBM Selectric-II Scribe element.

Getting ready for some typing in the park.

Post Script.  I should not have one typo with a correcting Selectric-II, if I read what I type as I type!  

Well as usual my digital imaging device left me down, but there is an advantage. If I'd have grabbed my 35mm or any of my film cameras I would not have been able to record the video. My OMD however does not use film so there is no, zip, none, nothing, footage.  There is about a one minute video file uploaded so hopefully my one video YouTube channel link works.

One of the things I hate is lithium batteries improperly designed into anything especially my portable radios and digital imaging equipment. I'll take NiCad batteries and keep them maintained over Lithium any day.  And for those who think there is no pollution with Lithium, search the huge hazardous waste lakes that are created in the mining and manufacturing of Lithium batteries.

After that rant, you've probably guessed; the battery died mid-video.  The batteries I use are new this year.  I don't leave without a fully charged battery in the body and one in my pocket.  However, I did not get the battery changed and the imaging device rebooted until the balloons were too far away.

After the balloons were gone I returned to the pavilion where we will be having our Type-Out and typed my OTP for today.  I generally get them in late and Daniel posts them the next day.  

For all those in the U.S.A., I bid you all a most wonderful Independence Day.