Sunday, January 27, 2013

1950 - 1951 Skyriter Elite 5 Days Later

Looks more gray than brown after a Scrubbing Bubbles bath.

Zep does a nice cleaning and leaves just a slight coating of rust preventative.  Supposedly neutrally polarized so it does not attract dust.

This one has a unique to me type bar rest pad.  It is a felt covered rubber.  I generally replace the pad, but I decided to leave this one.

No more bent or stuck together slugs.

After cleaning with a toothbrush and naptha.

S still gives a bit of a problem.  Not illegible or unuseable, just not perfect.  Any different alignment makes it worse.  As I was taught from my first mentor, 'let well enough alone.'
This post is an example of how my priorities get out of wack.  Plans were to do a detailed post on the Skyriter from Ledeaux then move on to one of my other machines.  Seems I get stuck on too many of the same machines.  Maybe I need to get back to pens.  I found a good fountain pen cheap pocket notebook combination too.  That post was going to be done over Thanksgiving.

How about input from you.  What should I post next?  The final on Ledeaux's (is that proper?) Skyriter? one of my Adler's? Classic-12 Script? Another cheap pen from China (I found several really nice ones -- why pay $50 for one when $10 or less gets a nice one into your hands and the postage is free -- Notebooks?  I guess subject matter is near endless.

Anyone what a Royal Crescent for the shipping?  Should I give it to Ryan?  WordPlay?

Corrected.  I wanted the Logo first, but one of Blogger's quirks is adding an image to where the blogger wants it after the post is already built & posted.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Skyriter Addiction

As it arrived via U.P.S.

Great packaging.  Gives mine a run for its money.

The typewriter.  And I have received most of mine in a large Priority Mail box.  In fact I have even told sellers to save money to put Skyriters in a Priority Mail box.

The case gives a hint to the condition of the machine.

The machine is a bit dirty.

My test page

Inside is not all that dirty.  Only stiff type bars and linkages.

My Skyriter shop. 
Missing the logo on the paper tray.  Any body have one they want to part with?
Correction:  It is a tie.  The number of Hermes 3000 machines is 5.  I forgot about the one I just returned to the shop to repair a sticky key.

Hermes 5

Skyriters 5

Too bad the Skyriters do not all have different typefaces like my Hermes'.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Thanks to the Hermes Handbag Co.

I was not going to post at the moment, but for the regular readers of this blog I need to alert all that unless you are a member of this blog you cannot comment.  It is not that I do not like your comments, but the HERMES HANDBAG outfit is consistently spamming my blog. Therefore I have the captchas, moderation and membership all ON.  I really hate doing this, but I do not have time for spammers or internet advertisers.  It is not your, the readers fault in any way and I am not trying to limit readership or comments from real people interested in subject matter on my blog.

I appreciate every reader and their comments. Thank you for reading.

As for spammers....I won't go into a big tirade, but:

One way any manufacturer can cause me NOT to buy a product is to place an ad on top of a page I am trying to read, run an ad before a video clip or not let me kill the add as soon as it appears.

Reasoning behind this is I do get professional and trade clips, blogs and links to white papers that will splash and ad and I can immediately kill the ad.  The normal sites do not normally work that way.

Banner ads are fine.  They are at the top of the page or the bottom.  If I see something of interest I will click the ad.  A splash ad or Java script ad I will never click because they intrude on my time.  Even if I need a new car and was thinking of a particular brand/model.  If one of their ads interrupt me I will buy from the competitor.

All this is thanks to the French Hermes company.

Just my 2 cents worth.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Captchas are baaack.

I really do not like to use them, especially Googles, but I keep getting comments linking products.  I will not buy those products no matter what they are and I will no longer tolerate those who put them in my comments.

Therefore I have enabled the PIA captchas.