Saturday, June 29, 2019

Adjusting the Tabulator clutch on a Hermes Ambassador

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The TAB was quite easy to adjust. Once I located the clutch.

To see the mechanism and linkages I opened the back. On the Ambassador it is easy -- it just unlatches by pulling out on the top sides.

I also removed the cover from the back of the carriage rail. This cover does not need removed. I first tried a few clicks more on the mainspring; no good. Rather than getting the mainspring too tight I decided to see why the TAB would not work without pressing the carriage release or pushing the carriage to the left.

I looked under the carriage and could see how the carriage was released from the escapement, but I could not see why the same bar that moved for CR and TAB did not let the carriage move when TAB was pressed. In order to see what happens I removed the platen and paper guide tray. Both are quite easy to do. This allows a clear view of the escapement, and I could see the TAB clutch and it was loose, but not allowing the carriage to move.

Escapement gear is just visible to the left by the draw band (I'm holding the draw band out of the way) The cork in the center is the clutch pad. The round item on the right is one of the centrifugal counterweights that will be adjusted from the back of the typewriter.

There is no open area to adjust this; it must be done from the back looking in through the frame to the centrifugal clutch of the tabulator. On the ears of the clutch are 4 spring mounting slots.

The springs on mine (there are 2 halves to the centrifugal weights of the clutch) were both in the middle slot. I used a spring hook fed through the open frame to reset the springs each in one slot closer to the clutch pad (from the back of the typewriter from where I was working would be moving each one one space to the right). I tested the tab. It worked.

The full length movement is a bit slow. I left it slow as I do not like slamming tab actions. Moving the spring 2 spaces to the right most slot would make the TAB even faster, but also it kind of slams.

If you never worked on a typewriter before you may not want to make this adjustment. If your tabulator does not work you have nothing to loose unless you loose the springs. The typewriter looks like having to replace either of these springs or the clutch is a major operation.

I do not have a borescope so I could not get any images of the springs or how I adjusted them.  It is impossible to get any image without a borescope.

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Remington Noiseless 6

This is before any cleaning when I picked it up from the book store.

These typewriters are a mechanical work of art.  These levers operate the thrust type slugs. Adjustment is critical so the slug barley touches the platen, but presses the ribbon hard enough against the paper to leave an impression of the character on the type slug. I was not about to take these apart to polish them.  I cleaned them as best I could.  If this were my typewriter I may have taken them apart to polish and reassemble just for the challenge -- after I got all the repairs caught up.

An example of one of the spool hubs.

Top after cleaning.  There is a cover missing between the front cover and rear cover that also acts as a type bar guide.

All clean and as sparkly as I could make it.

The key top rings were quite dingy and did not shine at all before I cleaned and buffed them with jeweler's rouge.

I wish I had a before image of this side.  I thought the paint was clear coated and the clear coat was coming off.  This side was a killer to get the paint cleaned and shine again.  The years of nicotine hardened all over the typewriter did not help either.  When I do not own the typewriter I do not get real aggressive cleaning paint as I do not want to do more harm than good.  Cleaning a machine owned by someone leaves no room for errors.

This side shows some hardened residue from a sticker?  What ever it is I managed to get the area cleaned a little better.  Again, I did not want to get overly aggressive cleaning and cause damage to the paint making it worse than leaving a bit of residue.  If it were my typewriter I may have opted for an entire repaint when time permitted.

Type slugs after cleaning

According to the Typewriter Database this machine was made in 1928

This typewriter, along with the KMG can be seen at Kazoo Books
All good things take time is because I have many many many digital files to review for typecasts I started since the 2018 - 2019 hoilday season.  I have image files from my phone and 3 different digial imagers.  Most of the files are sorted by typewriter manufacturer and model. Some are not.  The ones I planned to post on are missing.

I have 2 posts on replacement feet from Steve Dade.  He does excellent work, and the feet are exactly like the originals.  I have some on a Corona 3, Remington Model 5 Mill, and the Royal 10.  I will also be getting some for my Underwood Universal Mill and another Universal and a Champion.

I started a post about the feet on the Remington Mill, but those image files are among the missing.  They may be on my other PC since they are not on my server or present PC.

I have 3 Brother JP3 machines to post.  There are Underwood 3 bank. Olivetti Lettera 22 and 32 typewriters that had similar problems to what are posted on Myoldtypewriter

Finally I have a Royal 10 that I started to clean last year before I got the KMG & Noiseless 6 from the book store.

And I have some software work to do to hopefully be able to use Word Press without issue.  Quickest way I see is add another server and maybe a direct portal to cyberspace.

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Blog comments on Word Press

Tor those out in the Typosphere who  use word press I will not be commenting any longer. Ever since I have a Word Press sign on I have problems commenting on your blogs and only waste time.

I can sign onto WP only to be told I cannot comment or my comment is a duplicate. I tried killing my WP account to no avail.

Sorry for having to post this rant, but I program and I HATE software that does not work.

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Type-In @ Traverse City, MI -- 22 June 2019

Poster says it all. Hope to see some Michigan Typochondriacs and so some typing.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Cold Hard Type in its Entirety

SMIRK is the Six Meter International Radio Klub.  6 meters is a fun band to use when it is open.  Six and Ten are the bands I'm on the least so when the band is active I do miss some fun radio operation. 

The first year I was in Michigan we attended the Traverse City Type-In. It is a really nice Type-In put on by Landmark Books.  Depending on the weather we just may go since I can still do most of the Field Day week end Saturday night and Sunday.