Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Mamiya Super 23 Press Camera

Super 23 with 100mm flat field lens.  This lens is required to tilt the back.

150mm lens, Super 23, sheet film back with ground glass, 100mm lens and 50mm lens.

6 x 9 and 6 x 7 back. Note 120 or 220 film can be used in the same back by changing the film plane inside the back making it easy to change film lengths.

Tilt-swing back.  Loosening the 4 thumb screws enables the bellows to be extended and back movements to be set. Normally the bellows is collapsed and the back is fully against the camera.

This is the Nikkormat Ft.  Rugged, but not as nice as similar Minolta and German cameras of the same era.

Carina 2 before getting a ZEP bath

Carina 2 after its bath

Linkages after all the white grime was washed away

Easy to see why 35mm took the place of medium format cameras for many photographers.

I also cleaned all the lenses for the enlarger.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Burke & James Press Camera

My press camera likes sitting on my leather desk chair as much as I do.

The view finder on top and the focus finder on the side.

 The top view finder is nice to quickly frame a shot, but it requires using the rear ground glass for correct focus.

The Kalart rangefinder focus finder on the side is quite easy to use and focus without needing the ground glass.

There is a focus/distance scale on the front bed and if shooting outside with ASA100 ASA125 B & W film I just set the focus for infinity and the lens at f16 for shooting in the bright sun.  I generally carry my LunaPro SBC with spot attachment in case I decide on more critical exposure.  For transparencies I do not guestamate my exposures and will use the correct focus and exposure as measured by my Luna Pro or Spotmeter-V.

Second paragraph, last sentence should be 'takes care....'

 This camera is a great cross between a regular press camera and a technical camera.  I tend to grab this for outdoor photography more than my other cameras.  For serious photos though I'll grab the view camera.  Weight wise it weighs about 3 pounds.  About the same as the D4 and lens.  Now if you want to capture several frames per second or high speed, take a 35mm or Dslr.

Here are photos over 60 years old and are still sharper and have better color than most digital cameras can do.  I do hate that I cannot buy Kodachrome any longer.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

And 2014 Begins

I notice things too late.  It is 300k and 500k miles, not kM or mm or inches or some easily attainable distance.  My German cars all made it more than 500k miles.

Sometimes the best things in life are free, like my favorite typewriter.

I should not reuse paper!

And this Omega D-II Enlarger.  Ready to print 4" X 5" negatives (or smaller)