Tuesday, April 11, 2017

An Official Sabbatical -- From Blogging

We are finally able to leave the heat and humidity and unbearable weather of Florida and move to a more temperate place -- Michigan.  No more always going out to a wet heavy dew covered car.  No more being unable to have cool evenings.  No more being unable to enjoy summer.  No more lizards every place including finding dead ones on top of books.  No more spiders the size of a small bird.  No more mold, mildew, and rot on things that even get that way in an air conditioned house.  No more boots or other shoes covered in mildew because they sit in a closet on the floor for a few months of non-use.  No more cheap quality over priced houses.  Real houses with closets, basements, and useable attics!  

Another problem with Florida is there is no way to get there from here.  Only 2 major highways.  There is I-95 on the east coast.  There is I-75 on the west coast.
Not much in air travel either.  2 hours to any major airport. Few direct flights anywhere.  Air travel is also quite expensive, and quite troublesome.  Oh, don't fly United. Their motto is now Fly the Unfriendly Skies of United.  Remember their old motto and jingle?  

We both preferred Virginia or North Carolina, but chose to go to where the jobs are.  I think I have had more activity from Michigan employers than anywhere.  I know from my time in Florida many engineers I've know have all gone to Michigan.  Generally there are more better paying opportunities outside of Florida unless one prefers the over crowding of Jacksonville or the extremely high crime in Orlando (which salaries are not all that good there anyway).

I've been planning more typecasts of our recent trip to Kalamazoo and our stops along the way, but there is just not enough time in the day to even do a simple typecast.

I have many, if not all of the photos edited.  I even started a typecast of our visit to Xavier University to meet Richard Polt.

Lately I have had little time for email.

Before we arrived home I received an offer of a new job which I accepted.  We arrived home to much more work than expected.  Our tiny house is not ready to sell.  Even a tiny house is a big project when attempting to ready the place to advertise for sale when most of it needs some kind of repair work -- which will not be completed.

For the past few weeks we've been super busy separating the items to sell, give away, or trash from what we will be taking.  Quite a challenge considering I have over 100 typewriters of which about half a dozen will go in the trash since the were machines I kept for parts to repair others.  I hate that I need to do that.  Only my parts Corona 3 could yield some money if I chose to become a key chopper.  

I did sell a few to some over the week end.  I think the fellow who bought my U.S. Navy Underwood (not a Mill or it would never had been sold) became a new convert to typewriters as he returned a few hours later to pick up 2 others he liked, but did not have money with him at the time.  

I also have literally a ton of tools.  I have tools from when I was still in school for woodworking and mechanics.  These tools must have had sex while in their storage chests and boxes because they multiplied several times over.  Then I accumulated tools for electronics work.  Many of these were also from when I was in school.  They kept multiplying also. There are tool boxes full of machinist tools that I hope to sell. If I sell them I know I'll have room to set up a shop in our new place -- then I'll need to buy machinist tools.  

Oh, then I must wean out test equipment, photography equipment, and maybe even some of my audio and radio equipment.  How'd I get all this into a tiny house anyway?

Finally, the normal things people have like furniture, dishes, clothing, and other household items.

So for now and until I get resettled there won't be much activity on my blog (as if I have been active lately).  As I get time I may update my relocation and job progress.

For now it is back to working on the house, calling movers, bankers, and realtors, packing, and more.

Thanks for reading ... and ... stay tuned for more.