Sunday, February 23, 2014

Typewriter Carrying Case Handles

Serial number starts with E signifying it is a Signet E2126.
First try on a Skyriter

Second one, Underwood.  As I got this one out after typing the post I noticed at some time I redid the end of this handle too.

This is the final handle for the Signet.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Milepost

When I started to type I thought the TP2 was finished.  That was until the ribbon would not automatically reverse.

I found this folded and tucked into the pouch on the inside of the carrying case.  I think this officially finished the TP2.
After I finished the first part of today's post I sat at the Facit and typed anything I could think of and tried all kinds of things to see what else is going to stop working on this typewriter.  So far only the margin release does not work correctly.  It did earlier.  It no longer works.  I think it may be the stronger spring I placed on the bell ringer.  I do not like the silent bells on either of my Facits.  They are more silent than the bell on my Remington Noiseless Model 7.
I have several European typewriters and none of them have a decent sounding bell.  Hermes may be the loudest, but those still fall short of the American made machines, even Skyriters.

I was surprised to find a typewriter cover for the TP2.  I don't think it will get much use as I only leave the Underwood Rhythm Touch out.  I wish I had a cover for that one.  I have one for each of my Royal HHs. 

Let the Insurgency live least until the next milestone 100k,  Long Live the Insurgency.

Friday, February 21, 2014

More on the Facit TP2

Thought I'd leave the alignment testing on the first part.  Looks like the upper case must be lowered a bit, but first I must make a wrench.  A 5.5mm ignition wrench is just a bit too big. I need to grind the outside down a bit or find one that is offset and grind a part of it.  I left it alone rather than have the screws move while typing if I did loosen the lock nuts or worse yet, strip the corners off of the nuts.

This is the Facit TP2 cleaned and I thought ready to use, but the left margin shifts because the platen can move latterally just enough to cause mis-alignment.  I think I can fit some thrust or wiggle washers on the right end.  Poorly designed.

One thing I of which I am certain, the typewriter companies did not make as many spelling and typing mistakes as I make.

Maybe when I am finished with the repairs it will type as good as it looks.  Then it really does type nice.  It is the mechanical deficiencies that bug me.

Readers of this blog may recall this one when it was covered in mildew or when it almost ended up on the scrap heap.  The SM4 and Socialite are the fastest Olypias I have.  Both have a great touch and action.  The SM9 comes close, but not quite.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

It's Another Facit Pica Cubic! Facit TP2

Its been a long and tiring day.  Post is complete with typos, mis spelled words and un-GIMPed photos.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Can You Identify my Latest Typewriter?

What is I.T.A.M. without getting another typewriter?
I was going to fix a problem and use this one tonight.  I have not been posting with each typewriter I have in the order I received them.  I have not posted once a day.  No different today.  This machine has more than the easy to fix problem.  It'll be a day or two (time permitting) before I can try it.

Adler was a bit strange tonight.  R and H were sticky.  With use they freed.  I guess it did not like being ignored for about 6 months.  It is not as good of a typer as my Underwoods, but it beats most of what I have.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Typing Table

Typecast typed 100% on this brand typing paper

Using this Brother Acord 10 from 1981, making it the newest (by age) in my collection
Sorry for the blurry Escort.  I realized I uploaded the wrong photo after this post was up and when I change photos it usually messes up my post so I hope no one minds a bit of camera movement in the above photo.

The H-Lo typing table with the side leaves down.
For those who may want to live in Florida, once again today was quite spring like.  Clear sunny sky and at 2:14 E.S.T. my weather station recorded the high: 75 degrees F or 24C.  Won't be long and the heat will be unbearable again.  Once the temperature gets into the 80sF or high 20sC the R.H. follows and gets unbearable it stays in the 80% and usually more. 

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Character = Royal HH Typewriter

Ribbon Color Selector on the 1953 Royal HHP

Ribbon Color Selector on the 1956 Royal HHE.  Character.  A previous owner repainted the positions.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Itam 6, Typeweriter Repairs and a Mystery

Before alignment

Left alignment adjusting hardware

Right alignment adjusting hardware

Hold the screw while making adjustments.  A Grace G2 Gunsmith Screwdriver fits it great.

Use an open end ignition wrench and turn the nut to the right to lower the character or left to raise it.  An angled typewriter wrench would work a bit easier, but ignition wrenches work fine.

This is the adjustment.  I used 2 wrenches to free the jam nut, made the adjustment and rejammed the nuts.  I really did use 2 hands, but at the moment of the photo, one was holding the camera.
After the completed adjustments

This is the first typewriter added to the collection in 2014.  Do you know what make and model?
This started out as a short break from paper work to clean my HHE.  I was going to post on the HHE, but when I pulled my Underwood 4B I found I never replaced the ribbon I stole to install onto the SS.  I could have used the HHE, but decided to wait.

While searching Craigslist I found an offer too good to refuse.  One night after work I made a stop and the typewriter above found a new home.  A further hint is that it works fine.

I spent most of Saturday cleaning a few typewriters and then typing in the garage where I only have test paper and engineering paper.  I used the engineering paper and made many many typos.

I hope everyone is enjoying I.T.A.M.  Does not seem to be as much I.T.A.M. activity as a few years ago.  Each year seems to be a bit less.

Cameras?  Well the rain that is needed on the Left Coast is steadily falling for the past 2 weeks on the Right Coast.  Unless of course the coasts are observed from the North looking South.  No running, bicycling, or photography.  I think we had one day of sun.

Here is the original post on my HH.