Saturday, December 15, 2012

A New Arrival From Dante's Wardrobe

Last week on Dante's Wardrobe Ledeaux posted about Typospherian Miscellany

I commented about her Skyriter tag and Skyriters.  We had a few email conversations and I became the owner of one of her Skyriters in need of some care.

That machine arrived today while I was working on my car.  I took the time to test the machine and in doing so typed a short typecast about a machine that may spend the shortest time in my collection.  Since I now have it working and I will give it a tweak to get the right margin a bit smoother operating, make the needed repair to the platen, and clean the machine I have offered it back if she wants it.  Nothing like owning more than one Skyriter.

I like collecting, repairing and using these machines.  I find them about the easiest of all to work on.  That does not mean there are no problems.  I still have an escapement problem with my 1954 elite.  If I ever take time to work on it I may get it working correctly.  They are easy to take apart, but I do not have another escapement to put in it if that is the problem.  It also needs a few new shoulder screws which could be causing some of the problems.  

Before rethreading the ribbon the top half of the letters were cut off.

After rethreading the ribbon

This is the Skyriter after I unpacked it complete with the twisty tie margin bar repair.  It works.
It is difficult to see and I did not take any macro shots of the left end of the platen.  The platen needs undercut about 0.100 inch about 0.100 inch wide at the ratchet end of the platen.  I'll make that change next week when I can use a lathe.

As like all my Skyriters this machine is a fine typer.  When I get it clean and make the rest of the tweaks I'll install a new ribbon and it may be on its way back to Ledeaux.

It is such fun working on typewriters.  I do not know which is most fun -- working on a typewriter -- using a typewriter or passing one along to a new user or a fellow typospherian.

The box contains a modern Smith-Corona Sterling that will soon be making its way to a typospherian in Ohio.  I was still packing it when the Postman arrived to pick up the one I had ready for Richard P.  The Sterling is delayed a bit.

Finally, I forget who asked me for a backspace key for a Corona 3.  I lied and said I did not have one.  That was because I really thought I did not have the carriage for the one I have for parts.  Well, while cleaning the garage and restacking my pile of parts machines I found the carriage.  I have the backspace key.  Scott K.  for some reason I think it was you.  If you still need it please contact me and I will get it in the mail Monday or Tuesday.

Sorry for my impromptu sloppy typing.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

It's 12.12.12!

The shift in print density noticeable more near the end and the not quite aligning letters are due to my typing while Mrs.  sleeps.  If I typed in the closet as Mike Speegle does, I'd awaken her.  The only closet in our house large enough to fit into is the one in the bedroom.  I tried using less pressure to keep the clacks as quiet as possible.

The parenthetical note should state from about and not for about.

Speaking of which...I think this typewriter will be the first to have its platen recovered and feed roller rebuilt by J.J. Short.

Check out their typewriter services page.

Celebrate today!  It is the last matching number day of the century!

Sunday, December 2, 2012


Typing started to get to the area on the ribbon that thought may have some density variations.  It did.  Maybe over time the WD-40 may disperse.  I'll post about the J5 when I get time to do some photos.  I hope to do the J4 script machine before the J5.

Compare my lists and it is evident I did not complete my list.