Sunday, July 17, 2016

What Does Baseball and Pulling Weeds Have In Common?

The SM3 on the left types very nice.  The one on the right needs work.  Notice the out of position CR lever?

Looks really nice, but needs a few repairs as well as a good cleaning.

Blogger will not keep proper size of the image files for some reason.

Blogger does it again.  Same width as the rest of the typecast, but will not display to scale.  When I get time I am going to move this blog to WordPress.  If I am going to waste time finding out how to correct all Blogger crap I may as well move on to a better format or put the blog on my radio website (which also requires a bit of work).

This one is for Rob Bowker.  Yuengling has a summer brew this year, Summer Wheat.  It is a light flowery or perfumey kind of taste.  It took me a bottle or two to get used to it.  Reminded me of a beer brewed in Bozeman, Montana.  Not one of my favorites from Mr. Yuengling, but better than their Porter.

Set up for a bit of back porch typing while my dinner cooks.
Salmon on a plank.  I found this to be one of our favored ways to make and enjoy a nice big piece of fresh salmon.
I never did get back to finish weeding.  Finished my Summer Wheat and went to the air conditioned house and started cleaning my radio room.  Then when it was time to prepare our dinner I set up my Hermes Baby and typed a letter to my Mother while the salmon was broiling in the grill.  Then I made a monster tossed salad for us and we had our dinner.

The planked salmon (or any fish) tastes great.  We used to make Shad at my Grandfather's camp when I was a young fellow.  I've also made trout, bass, catfish, and even carp, yes that ugly old fish that no one likes, on a plank.  Roasted slow over an open fire even carp tastes good.  The thing I like about the plank is that I can soak it in water and it will steam the fish.  I can soak it in wine and add a bit of different flavor to the fish.  I even tried beer, but beer is better for batter and deep frying. Tonight I did not soak the plank.  This tends to give a bit of smoke flavor to the fish as I move the planks over the flame when near done and let the wood char and smoke.  With the grill covered there is a bit of smoke flavor.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

A Tale of 2 Corona 3 Typewriters, or How I got a new antenna - typewriter included.

More Blogger crap.  Both parts are the same line length and imaging.  Same scale.  Display different on Blogger.  I may just put this blog over onto my radio web site.  There I have control over what displays and how it displays.  Perhaps it is the jinx of my political comments.  I still won't vote for her.

This is the bracket mentioned.  Shown with the carriage bottom cover removed.

Looking down at the bracket from the paper tray.

The screws removed.

This is the bracket from the working Corona 3.  I shaped the first one to match this one. The first Corona 3 bracket was flat.  Notice the slight angle of each end.  They must just touch the bottom rail enough to guide the carriage and keep it from flopping.  Too flat = too much play.  Too much of an angle = tight carriage that will bind.

This is the original one before bent to match the other one. I did bend it slightly, but not enough.  The final bends look like the one above.

This plate gets removed to access the escapement and the bracket.
 I need a cover like the one above for my second Corona 3.  The typewriter will work without it, but will leave the escapement, bell, and other parts open to damage.  If anyone has a parts machine and would like to part with the cover, please email me or note in the comments.

Corona 3 

The antenna that I got is a Butternut HF6V.  I could not resist the good price.  I also know the owner.  I'll be adding 2 more coils to enable 12 and 17 meter band operation.  Total cost will still be about a third of the price of a new one.

Field Day 2016 was a huge success. Last I checked we had nearly 900 QSO points (more CW operation this year).  Not bad for working only about half of the allotted time.  Add in some of the bonus points and we'll have a good year. Best part of Field Day is all the free food and fun.  It is always nice meeting new people and finding more who are interested in getting their license and on the air.

This is the latest addition to the radio room. Part of my Drake TR7 station.  Hope to add the rest and rearrange the room over the next few days.