Monday, February 3, 2014

On The Third Day of I.T.A.M.

Today's typecast was typed 100% on a sheet of the above paper.
Sorry for the yellowish rendering of the paper.  It is not yellow or buff, but white.  My scanner would not scan the ink in the correct color and to get the ink closer to its color the paper is a bit yellow.  The ink should be a bit bluer.

Well, I typed the post before going to get Mrs. a new camera.  By the time we left the clouds were breaking for the second time today and the sun shown through which got rid of most of the fog.

As we returned I commented on that the temperature is hotter than Hell here. It always is. Check it out on the NOAA site.  The forecast center is just up the road from Hell in Pinckney.  Yes, Hell does freeze over.

85 balmy (85F, 29C) degrees here under about half clouds and half sun. RH is 87%


  1. Good luck with your I.T.A.M. marathon! Thanks for showing the paper, nice cover art.

  2. When I taught typing to high school students back in the 1970s, I wouldn't let them use erasable paper. You'd always end up with more ink on your hands, smudged on the typewriter or, when stacked, rubbed off on the back of the previous page than on the sheet you typed on originally. Was that the case when you used it, or has time eliminated most of the coating on the paper?

    1. We had to use newsprint unless it was for a test or formal report. Always a backer sheet.

      Ink seems to smudge a bit easy on the erasable paper.

  3. I feel like the White Rabbit. I'm late, I'm late, for ITAM. Keep up the good work. Daily posting is a real discipline but so far you are keeping on schedule.