Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Facit TP1 Ribbon Feed Repair


  1. Wierd! Same here on my TP2. I think Nick Beland had the same thing on one of his Facits too. The vibrator pin had also sheared for some reason - so typing was hit and miss until I replaced it. Now it is just beautiful to type on like I guess your is. Boring colour but nicely put together.

  2. Facit TP1 soes not look particularly exciting but it is elegant in its own right. I like it. The typeface is cool too.

  3. First time I've heard of that happening on a TP1, usually it happens on the later ones. Maybe yours is a particularly late TP1 because I think the problem is linked to the lubricant used in the factory.

    You might have to revisit with some more teflon a few months in the future because they stickiness tends to return if you don't use the typewriter very regularly.

  4. This typewriter proves that grey doesn't have to be boring.

  5. I really enjoy typing on my TP1 but it has seen some very hard days so I don't use it too often - want it to last!

  6. p.s. Really digging your new blog header image! ;-)

  7. A well-lubricated machine is a joy to type on. It's hard to use all my machines regularly and it's not unusual for them to need some attention after not being used for a while. It's best to use them regularly, but so many typewriters, so little time!

  8. Everytime I read about typewriter ribbon feed problems it takes me right back to typing classes Bill :) You did well to fix the problem, must have been very satisfying for you.
    btw happy Valentine to you also :)

  9. Great post, I love that typeface!
    You wouldn't still happen to have that TP1 would you? I ask because I bought one recently and my carriage return lever has been repaired with some wire. I was hoping a TP1 owner could help me out and post a picture of what the base of their carriage return lever looks like.
    I've taken a picture of mine here:
    See how it's be repaired with wire?

    Well, I would be very greatful if anyone could help by emailing a similar picture of their machine. My email is: scottgwild @


    1. It may be a few days until I can get to mine. I recently moved, and many of my typewriters are still packed.