Sunday, February 9, 2014

Character = Royal HH Typewriter

Ribbon Color Selector on the 1953 Royal HHP

Ribbon Color Selector on the 1956 Royal HHE.  Character.  A previous owner repainted the positions.


  1. Very nice HH, it cleaned up very well I must say.

    FYI: I sent you an email.

  2. Great photos. I love how you captured the texture of the finish.

  3. Good looking HH. Much better than the bomb I have in my garage, waiting for treatment.

  4. Ooh, and a slam-tabulator too, nicely cleaned up that old trooper! (:

    1. I really like the tabulator. It is much handier than even the big bar above the top row of keys that many manufacturers used. I do not understand why Royal did not use it on more of their machines.

  5. Oh they definitely do have character Bill, the older typewriters much more so than the new. You sound like you feel about old typewriters the way I do about cameras and old furniture, I'm always using my imagination trying to set the scene back to when they would have been considered new and exciting not .. old and exciting :)