Friday, December 30, 2011

Typing Tips

The booklet


Noiseless Carbon Paper
I have noticed if I can maintain a pressure and rythm that is different than I use on the other machines the a on the Noiseless does not leave a space.  Lighter touch and good rythm.  Now I must practice.


  1. Interesting. The whole thing is very special, with stories about cars and then a carbon paper article, all printed by Smith-Corona.

  2. I like the graphic design of the cover. nice find!
    My Lettera 22 skipped badly until it was adjusted to advance when the typebar was a bit further back. Like you, I *could* keep it from skipping with luck and perfect striking, but it was very difficult. Now it's perfect.

  3. Thanks for sharing this slice of history.

    The term "Japs" was so often used in WWII. It was the time. Shameful, but we moved on.

  4. Cameron,
    I agree. I do not like terms that insult any one or nationality or otherwise. That is why I did not post the stories although the one about the steering wheel would be fine if I decided to do it. I believe deleting it from the cover though would have detracted from the original.