Thursday, December 8, 2011

A neat article link I received in an email

Sorry, no typecast.  I need to keep the peace on the home front (I do not have a place to type without awakening the boss, even using my Remington Noiseless.

Here is a link to what turned out to be a very successful social -- type-in at Amherst College.


  1. Thanks Bill, I just dropped an invite to the Typosphere into the commentary for the article - just in case any readers get the urge to delve into typewriter ownership :-)

  2. Great Rob. I was just finishing reading my email before leaving for work this morning when I made the post.

  3. Bill, apologies for the non-US availability of the TV programme about 'the end of the printed book'. If you you still interested (and it IS fascinating viewing) you can download the show from as a 237Mb mp4 file to watch in iTunes or Quicktime, etc.