Monday, November 12, 2012

Extra Typewriter

This was my first Hermes 3000 Techno Pica typewriter

After I posted this I see I scanned the typecast in B & W.  Sorry
Left replacement knob

Right replacement knob

Ribbon selector detent assembly

Ribbon color selector linkage

The Hermes could use a cleaning.  It works fine without the card guide, but without the guard it is impossible to align a line of type to correct.  It is also difficult to correctly align the paper, but can be done by aligning the ends.

The SCM below never really made it into my collection.  It is a fine typer and fairly clean.  The left carriage release plastic lever is missing.  Other than that it is complete and works fine.  I like this machine, but it is one too many so it goes to ????  I want to make room for older typewriters and those that are on my wish list like a Mill.

This SCM Sterling is presently on its way to a typosphereian
 The photo was taken in my garage so the machine looks more blue than its true grey color.

and this one is the next one I am thinking of passing on.


  1. Heck, sure, I think WordPlay could use it and would appreciate it. Thanks, Bill! E-mail me and we will arrange the details.

    How did you make those knobs? They look great.

    1. I used knobs from McMaster-Carr and bored out the center hole on a lathe with a mill 1/32 inches smaller than the mm equivalent of the outside diameter of the mounting bushing. I planned to heat the bushing and press it into the knob, but even being 1/32" under the bushing was not a press fit. I fastened the knob to the bushing with 5 minute epoxy.

      Here is a post on the knobs.

    2. I forgot to mention ... the shaft of the knob used on the left needed to be cut shorter and a place needed to be milled (or filed with a round file, or Dremel tool, if you do not have a mill) to accommodate the set screw and allow the knob to release and re-engage the line feed.

      Whether doing one or two knobs they must be seated fully or the cover will not fit.

      I used an end mill because they are more accurate than a drill and the hole still was a bit large. Next time I may order a few metric end mills and work my way up to the size hole needed. I can use the mills for other work too so the cost would not be only for the knob project.

  2. Nice work on the knobs.. I love a good McGyver solution!

  3. The knobs look great as does the Techno pica!

  4. Off road knobs! I had my first foray under the hood of my latest Hermes 3000. The flying margins stopped flying. I panicked, left it and then came back to it. They are just ribbon on a spring, right? So I whipped the back cover off, played a while and realised that the ribbon's metal ferrule was snagged at the exit of the bail window. The margin feature just impresses me even more now, having seen the criss-cross ribbons at work. I admire your generousity and I'm sure the machine finds a worthwhile home.

    1. The margin indicators are just ribbons on springs. What I find is sometimes they twist or the idler pulleys in the corners start to stick. Unless, of course, someone who previously owned the machine has gotten the anchor points out of adjustment.

      Now that you point it out, the knobs do look like off road tires.

    2. Guess what? I did it again. But now I know how to avoid it. Keep the left margin a 'sensible' distance in from the end (15 or so characters) and all seems to be well as the snagging point is avoided.