Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Royal Crescent and Iowa Pig Poop

I am not one for a hard touch so there are many tops of letters missing when I do not press the keys hard enough.

Looks like a squashed down Futura

The carriage return lever is lowered for transport.  Manual is included.

About the size of my lap top case without a shoulder strap.


  1. Hmm, the Royal may be headed to AZ? I don't think it's me, so I'm guessing Ryan. (:

  2. That's odd about needing to shift when you clear a tab stop. I've never tried one of these machines.

  3. Bill, does the Crescent have any problems with the ribbon unspooling as you type? I have a Crescent and this is its only problem - drives me bonkers!

  4. Thanks for the information on the squished Futura machine. Someone needs to give you a really good deal on a Groma Kolibri for light travel. Yes, wishful thinking :)

    As for travel, I'm sorry it is such a hassle. It has gotten to be a pain in the best of circumstances.

  5. Hope you find a taker. It's an attractive machine.

    "Pig Poop"... words fail me. ( :

  6. @Ted, Ryan if he wants it.

    @Ledeaux, The ribbon does not unspool, but the feed is very poorly designed with too much play and I do get quite a bit of slack in the ribbon at the spools.

    @Dwayne F. I have read so many good comments on the Groma Kolibiri I would like one if I ever find one at a price I want to pay.

    @Ton S. It is a play on words or a word that generally is not used or used in place of being vulgar. My wife was and is not too pleased with my choice of souvenir. If I had a polite way to state it.......