Sunday, November 11, 2012

To all the Veterans: THANK YOU!

I'm a bit late, years actually.  I also wanted this to hit at 11:11:11 EST 11/11/12.

I had relatives and friends in WWII, Korea, and Viet Nam.  Some never made it home, some were injured, some disabled, and others who are here today.

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I cannot think of a way thank you properly or enough, the many Veterans of all the wars of all the military who gave your time, health, or life so that I can sit here and post a message on the internet.  I'll do my best. 

Words cannot express Thank You for all you have done.


  1. This is truly the best post I have read in the longest time. I totally agree with you, being the grandson of a WWII veteran.

    Stay Classy,

    Will at

  2. i'll second both the above. dad was a veteran of ww2 on what you'd call a pt boat trying to dissuade u boats from moving through the straights of gibraltar. for better or worse, it made him the man he grew up to be.