Sunday, April 1, 2012

21 Questions Part 1

As always I notice my mistakes after I scan and post.  I had the paper loaded slightly out of alignment.  I did not count my parts machines in question 2.  Presently I have 3 machines I use for parts and a few boxes of parts I managed to find.

Several others as well as myself have been having some dialog in one of the Yahoo! groups where I am seeking help on the serial numbers of this Classic-12 and my script Classic-12.  Except for no changeable type keys and red selector my script machine is a twin to this one.  I ran out of time to post as I intended.
I'll do that later when I post on the script one.

As witnessed by this post I never did replace the Classic-12.


  1. These questions could run and run. I understand about self-centric. The thing is, everyone likes to discover the people behind the typewriters just as much as to read about the typewriters themselves. That generation of SCM are a pretty looking design. Is all that trim metal or plastic?

  2. Rob,
    All the keys and the trim around the keys is made out of plastic. The rest of the housing is metal

  3. The Q&A posts have been fun to read. It would be fun to create a big link-o-rama post to these on the Typosphere mother blog.

    Your Classic 12 is a nice looking machine.

  4. I'm really enjoying the q&a posts. I still have some left to do. It's nice to see where people can get local typewriters.

  5. I like your comment that you never directly set out to collect typewriters. I would bet the majority of collections start unintentionally.