Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Clairefontaine Notebook and a New Fountain Pen and GOOD RIDDANCE BLOGGER! I'M MOVING TO WORDPRESS!

Four hours trying and retrying the new blogshit.  No more. I hate software I cannot get to work properly and this is not software I care to mess with.
sorry there is no review here.  When I get set up on WP I may continue this.
I apologize for the tiraide since I really wanted to review this last notebook and then do a final summary.  Things will need to wait until I get time to move to WordPress. I'll be letting this blog up IT will not be supported.


  1. Sorry to hear you are having so many problems with Blogger Bill, I've been using it since the beginning and haven't had any problems thankfully. Btw I love the pen hear, looks very elegant ✨

  2. Bill even though we are having so much rain it's still around 20/22C so not really cold at all .

  3. I am finally catching up on my typosphere reading. Beautiful pen.

    I haven't used Blogger before - I have been really happy with hosted WordPress at WordPress.com.

    Self-hosted WordPress requires a lot of attention - you really have to stay on top of the security updates - core, plugin, theme - or it will get hacked. I have also found it to be slow, depending on the host.

    However, I do love hosted WordPress.com. It's fast, secure, no updates to worry about. It's pretty simple and works right out of the box. I use it for my blog - a cheapo plan that gives me a domain name and plenty of space. There's a free version too.

    1. Most people use bluehost or wordpress. I may need to do that since I still don't have the extra money and room for the servers I need. I had self hosted sites in FL before moving. Some of the sites go moved to Blogger. I hope to be on WP some time in October. I planned August to no avail and then Labor Day, but we have too many irons in the fire so I have not done anything except on my radio blog.

  4. Happy weekend to you both Bill ✨

  5. Good night, how are you? I am Brazilian, from Rio de Janeiro and looking for new followers for my blog. And I will follow yours with pleasure. New friends are also welcome, no matter the distance.


  6. Thanks Bill, it's good to be back 🌸