Friday, March 20, 2020

A Typecast For The Sake of Typecasting on The First Day Of Spring

TIme to get back to typecasting.

The second typewriter I picked up about a week ago is an L.C. Smith
Super-Speed that is on the bench to be cleaned as soon as the weather gets a
bit warmer.

Spring, like Autumn, starts early.  Then we have the normal Equinox a bit later.  Even so this year Spring is earlier than it's been in 124 years.  Hopefully the air will warm before long and I can get to work on some typewriters.  Better yet, maybe the Covid-19 will die.

Speaking of Covid-19, it has even caused us to cease having our monthly typewriter gatherings.  There were 2 since my last post, but I no longer have any images of the event.

Typecast from my 1937 Underwood No. 6.


  1. Re: posting something similar to what others post, just do it - I think it's fun when one of us inspires, or at least has parallel interests to another. We're all just geeks for weird things anyway, and I like seeing multiple people's takes on similar projects.

    I appreciate your optimism about the return of normalcy, but I'm not sure I share it. I feel we're just going to have to settle for a new definition of normalcy at best. /:

  2. The question of typing noise and platen hardness is quite interesting to me. For instance, the Fox 23 I just pictured on my blog has a relatively new and unused platen from Ames, but the rubber is pretty hard — always was — and consequently it makes a loud clicking.

  3. Just read my typecast. I'm using TB drives not GB drives.
    An old guy moment.

  4. The Spanish Lettera 32 I had was just as good as the Italian one I owned (at the same time), if not better. Interests have moved on since then, blog stalled due to work.. that might change given current situation. ;)

  5. Lovely to see a post here Bill. I actually find typing quite relaxing also. I much prefer typing on my desk top computer than one fingered on my ipad. Hope yourself and Mrs M are both well.. I'm definitely a positive outlook person and know that if only we all did the right thing his would be over much sooner.