Sunday, February 24, 2013

Comparing an Olympia SM7 With an Adler J4


Typecast from my 1968 Adler J4


Here is a link to Cameron's post on his Adler J4.  His is nicer than mine.  It is a script machine.  I have a script J4 I have not posted yet.  It is still not as nice as Cameron's.
He did not mention the Olympia model in his blog.  I got the idea for the SM7 and J4 from that small reference.

I get ideas from other blogs and sometimes will write based on that idea.  I trust other bloggers do not get upset with me for doing so.

Here are the links to my previous J4 and SM7 posts.

Finally how not to store typewriters:
If only I had a larger house.
This is only some of my collection.  One is usually always out to use, one is at work, some are in my electronics equipment closet, the bedroom closet, or under the bed.
Oh, and a few are under my desk.

I need to pick all of the ones on the floor up and let them air out side every few weeks to prevent rust and mildew.  The crappy houses in Florida are built on concrete slabs and with the high humidity anything on the floor will draw moisture and get mildew, even with air conditioning. 


  1. Interesting! I would never have compared an Olympia with an Adler; the general feel of both machines is just so different! But then, maybe that's what you were getting at...

    1. Except for the heaviness of the carriage shift, typing action is surprisingly similar. Unlike my Hermes 3000s which can vary from one to the other.
      Then there is the unique snappiness of an old Underwood.