Sunday, February 26, 2012

Adler J4 Review

....if I could only spell and type!

Carriage parts and type bar rest ready for final assembly
Machine as it is ready for a shower of carb cleaner

Reassembled carriage

Machine ready to remove ribbon & bottom cover or reattach the carriage.
 The 3 levers are all that couples the carriage to the rest of the machine.

Which one was repaired?

Ransmayer Elite Type Slugs

As I ended the typecast I ran out of paper and wanted to end with a.k.a. Gabriel
(what) since there were several models, but I did not find much more information or photos.  The case mentioned in the next to the last paragraph is the carrying case.  The typewriter's plastic housing is quite sturdy and good quality.


  1. Thanks for posting this. It looks like quite a puzzle, but there is a real satisfaction in working such a puzzle out. There's also great satisfaction in coming up with a better solution than the original factory did (your spring)!

    I have never tried this machine, but had a J5 for a while which I thought was a very well-made typewriter. Not spectacular, but solid and nicely built.

    1. Richard,
      Your description of the J5 may be fitting for the J4. The J4 is sold and nicely designed and built. Not a fantastic typer, but a good one.

  2. It's really not a simple task to take a typewriter apart and then putting it back together again. Congratulations for your chutzpah, not to mention your determination.

    Your post (and the one previous) made me take a second look at J4, it's quite a handsome typewriter.

  3. wow that's very ambitious. I'm still not there yet.

  4. These are some of the most detailed pictures of a typewriter disassembly and reassembly I have ever seen, so thanks very much for sharing. I don't think I will ever be up to this level of expertise, but it is nice to see the process. I wish you were closer so I could give you some of my more challenging cases!

    I agree with Ton that you're depicting the J4 in an excellent light indeed, making us take a second look at this humble machine!

    Excellent photography, too, I really liked the macro shot of the Adler logo.

  5. That is an impressive amount of work. I would have been terrified of losing a random screw.

    The typecast samples look clean and consistent. We have a J5 that types well.