Sunday, January 27, 2013

1950 - 1951 Skyriter Elite 5 Days Later

Looks more gray than brown after a Scrubbing Bubbles bath.

Zep does a nice cleaning and leaves just a slight coating of rust preventative.  Supposedly neutrally polarized so it does not attract dust.

This one has a unique to me type bar rest pad.  It is a felt covered rubber.  I generally replace the pad, but I decided to leave this one.

No more bent or stuck together slugs.

After cleaning with a toothbrush and naptha.

S still gives a bit of a problem.  Not illegible or unuseable, just not perfect.  Any different alignment makes it worse.  As I was taught from my first mentor, 'let well enough alone.'
This post is an example of how my priorities get out of wack.  Plans were to do a detailed post on the Skyriter from Ledeaux then move on to one of my other machines.  Seems I get stuck on too many of the same machines.  Maybe I need to get back to pens.  I found a good fountain pen cheap pocket notebook combination too.  That post was going to be done over Thanksgiving.

How about input from you.  What should I post next?  The final on Ledeaux's (is that proper?) Skyriter? one of my Adler's? Classic-12 Script? Another cheap pen from China (I found several really nice ones -- why pay $50 for one when $10 or less gets a nice one into your hands and the postage is free -- Notebooks?  I guess subject matter is near endless.

Anyone what a Royal Crescent for the shipping?  Should I give it to Ryan?  WordPlay?

Corrected.  I wanted the Logo first, but one of Blogger's quirks is adding an image to where the blogger wants it after the post is already built & posted.


  1. The Skyriter cleaned up well, good job. Hope you get it to be close to perfect eventually.

    I'd like to see a post on one of your Adlers. Do you have the Jack Nicholson Adler from "The Shining?"

  2. I was just cleaning a '40s (?) Underwood for WordPlay and I know exactly what you mean about Scrubbing Bubbles changing brown to gray.

    If certain letters are regularly causing a skip, look on the underside where there are little prongs that move the universal bar. Each prong can be individually tweaked a bit to make it a little less trigger-happy. This saved my niece's Skyriter from skipping when I finally figured it out.

    1. I've been playing around with those prongs ever since your post. I compared them with a working Skywriter and found many were jammed together. I opened them. No change. It will randomly add and extra space between letters, and not always the same letter(s). Double striking is just as intermittent. I discovered the screw holding the escapement ratchet was loose. It was tight on all my other Skyriters.
      I tightened it. That jammed the machine. Nothing worked. I loosened it. There are a few places where the carriage seems like it wants to bind (goes from little friction to high friction) as I return the carriage. Release the carriage and it slides nicely.
      Those are my reasoning for replacing the escapement assembly. I have a few escapements that look like the same size. I may try replacing the screw that acts as the spindle and maybe the ratchet if it matches the ones in my junk box.

    2. Jeez, this sounds frustrating! Good luck.

    3. Yes, I can spread the prongs or squash them tighter, no change. If I do not change out the escapement this will be (as it is fast becoming) a parts machine. The working one in my post is only a bit older and it too is an elite.

  3. I for one would love to see some more on those Chinese fountain pens; they're especially attractive for a college student like myself! :)

  4. Nice work getting this going! How many Skyriters does this make now?

  5. 4 that work fine and one needing work. Same as my Hermes 3000 machines, except each Hermes has a different type face.

  6. Another quality post! Ill have to begin to entertain the thought of a zep bath for some of my grimmier typers.
    Do you know if skyriters all had the same typeface?

    1. I've only seen plain old Pica and Elite.