Sunday, March 7, 2021

Hermes 3000 Replacement Feets by Ted Munk

Exchanging the feets took all of about 10 minutes.

Making this post I've got about 2 hours of trying to figure out the crappy Blogger changes.  So far Blogger improvements, like most software 'improvements' are nothing but crap. I'll be nice and not describe things as I usually do off line or like when I was in radio...when the microphone is off.

 More blogger bs.  I thought one quick post since I'm still not over on WP yet. I've been too busy with other things over this past year to post even though I thought I'd have plenty of time to post during the pandemic.

First thing I find is the resize tool no longer is accurate. I have my blog set to match the original 750 pixels and my images sized so I can fit the typecast as its original size to fill the post width, nope. Original size goes past the width.

Also as normal Blogger adds a shadow of a grey line on the left of my typecast no matter how I edit it in GIMP.

 There is no captioning tool. There is a non-working add text tool. Oh, I do try several browsers and OSs, and within Linux 5 different distros just for the fun of proving Blogger is a piece of.

I understand the typosphere is not as active as it once was. Blogger is part of the problem for people like me who do not like frustrations of faulty software.

In any case, I've been producing content and not posting it so I have something to post on WP if and when I ever get set up.  WP is not without issue either.  I already have WP via our typewriter group, but since I want to start my own blog I will need to create a new email and profile which I do not want to do unless I can get set up for self-hosting which will not happen as long as I live in my tiny house.

So I may decide to set up another email account, but I don't want to do. I have too many already and spend too much time gleaning useful email from the spam and other worthless email I receive.

I'll no longer frustrate myself or upset any readers of this blog who do not visit my blog to read my frustrations about Blogger. 

This post will not be searchable from within the blog either since the labels setting no longer works.


  1. Neat "feets"!

    I agree about the Blogger changes. They have made things more awkward and restrictive. When I changed my background image, Blogger made it tiny and I have no way to make it normal size. Is the blogosphere doomed?

  2. I'll get moved to WordPress, but I've got back to some of my other hobbies and became part of the reason the Typhosphere is not as active as it could be. Seems there are quite a few active blogs on WP.

    I just read a neat article from The New Yorker. If you read it to the end you'll find why I liked it.

  3. Good colour choice on the feet. WordPress works well for me, although I'm not sure some of their recent editing improvements are an improvement. Havent had a lot of time to delve into it... ;)

    1. Thanks Steve. Ted had some green ones on his blog which I think would be nice also. Then any grippy feet are better than the old rock hard ones.

  4. I upload my images first to Flickr, then grab the code from Flickr and paste into my Blogger article in HTML mode. Then I resize the image to fit my template’s 650 pixel width: (650/old width) times old height = new height at 650 pixels wide. I enter the newly calculated width and height numbers into the image code, then delete the part of the code referencing Flickr; since I have a paid professional Flickr account with unlimited storage I don’t feel the need to give them free advertising on my blog.

    1. Back a few years I had a free Flickr account and PhotoBucket. I had embedded code on my ham radio blog and former web site for photos that worked quite well until PhotoBucket decided to charge for using my own images from my own account on my site. The web site and Webs garbage is another very long post.

      I tried editing the HTML code when I had problems with my final notebook review on this blog, mostly for proper image placement. It looked good in preview and when it went on line it was just like I left it. Not the way I edited it. I never finished that one and I still have about 4 or 5 to post, but I think I'll post them on WP if I ever take time to set up my blog there.

  5. Bill don't give up on Blogger yet. I admit at the beginning it frustrated the heck out of me but using it daily it has become fairly easy. I was pretty determined not to let it get the better of me 😉 I take my photos in JPEG and they download pretty easily. I think the thing is to allow yourself a few uninterrupted hours to work on it and less time as it gets easier ✨ I think about you when I see vintage typewriters in the many vintage shops I visit 😊

  6. Grace,
    I think jpeg or web photo formats are the only files that Blogger will upload. I tried .pdf and other files on my radio blog, but Blogger never liked that.
    I've been on Blogger just over 9 years and I thought I'd be over on WP in 2020, but I had other projects.
    I take .jpg and RAW because RAW gives me more editing flexibility even though GIMP does quite good with jpeg. I make copies of jpeg files to use so I don't loose any file data. Newer jpeg is not as lossy as the older, but it is still a lossy format.

  7. Excellent! Glad you like them (:

  8. Thanks Ted. I still have your carts waiting for a trip to the USPS.