Thursday, October 31, 2019

R.C.Allen Gets A New Ribbon

Empty spool showing uniqueness of the design.

I don't know what R.C. Allen calls the tabs so I used my own names.  When the ribbon runs out on the feed spool the reverse tab extends toward the circumference to activate the automatic ribbon reverse.

Spindle showing the drive and reverse tabs.  The drive tab on the right does not extend.  When the ribbon spool is installed onto the spindle the smaller cut out the spool goes over the drive tab and the larger one over the ribbon reverse tab.  The spool must be aligned to fit over both tabs.  Takes a little wiggling to properly align the ribbon reverse side. REVISION:  From the R.C.Allen repair manual the spring on the left (above) Drive Tab is called the Ribbon Spool Catch Spring, and the tab on the right Ribbon Reverse Tab is called the Reverse Trigger.

another view showing how the tab extends.  This is a completely empty spool before I attached the new ribbon.

Left spool showing the ribbon path.  Ribbon spools around the arc of the spool facing the key board. Ribbon winds CW on this spindle.

Ribbon threaded through the ribbon vibrator or lifter.

Right spool showing the ribbon path.  Ribbon feeds around the spool facing the key board.  Ribbon winds CCW on this spindle.

I could not find a manual on line.  In order to maybe help someone who may not know about the spools I wanted to show the ribbon spools, and the ribbon path.

First of all do not throw out the original metal spools. Out of curiosity I looked on line and could not find any R.C. Allen pre-spooled ribbons. Nothing unusual as metal spools are not made any longer.  Well, they may  be because Tony Casillo sells new ribbons on new metal spools, but he had none listed for this typewriter or I missed them.

I respool ribbons out of habit. I respooled one of my spare silk ribbons onto the R.C. Allen spools.  I removed the old ribbon from the original spools.  This typewriter does not use eyelets in the ribbon.  I cut the eyelet end off of the ribbon.  I respooled the new ribbon onto the original spool.  I cut the other eyelet end off.  Then I attached the ribbon to the spool.

With the new ribbon on the typewriter I decided to record the ribbon path for reference.

My arsenal of snow moving tools minus my #10 scoop shovel.


As of 1645 E.D.T. today.  There is just enough laying to cover the wood on the ramp as well as the house roofs.

Speaking of the time for those in the USA who are on Daylight Saving Time:
It ends Saturday night. Set your clocks back one hour to Standard Time.  Or stay awake until 0200 and change your clocks.....



  1. The spam bots are at it again. Over the past week I've been deleting bogus comments. I may go back to captcha, or Google only, or moderated, or turn off the comments as I did with the invasion from the Hermes company.

  2. I have got parts & service documentation for Woodstock & RC Allen 1947-64 scanned.
    You'd think Google would be better at filtering spambots. don't they own Blogger now?

    1. Thanks Ted. I just got a copy. I enjoy that it is even written by a typewriter.

      As far as I know Google owns Blogger, but the spambots get through.

    2. yep, Google should be better. on the Wordpress side (at least with the self-hosted version) we get a free automatic spam filter plugin called Akismet that never seems to fail in the 9 years I've used it. It catches *everything* and I never have to think about it.
      "Akismet has protected your site from 1,162,924 spam comments already." :D

  3. The snow looks so pretty Bill, but I think I have a romantic view of the snow. I have heard it only stays white and pretty for a short while before turning brown and slushy 😊 I agree re the spammers, they are such a nuisance at the moment!

    1. Seems the spammers go in cycles. I've been deleting several on each post over the past month.

      Snow is fun. I'm still like a child and enjoy winter and snow. Snow pretty much stays nice out in the mountains. It is in towns and cities where man's influence is shown where the dirt and muck of the streets and roads shows in the once pretty and white snow. Except for driving in it at night in less than a truck, I even enjoyed snow when I drove truck. Truck drivers sit much higher than the head lights and fog lights than in a car. In my pickup truck I installed amber fog lights below the bumper so I can see better. Regular white light and especially the new LED lighting with too much blue spectrum are really bad in falling snow