Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Borescope tor Typewriter Repair

Complete borescope.  The imaging and interface module and fiber.  This is the short fiber and plenty long for a typewriter. I think the communication range between the unit and phone is 10 feet.

This is the fiber.  It is semi rigid and about 0.200" O.D.
Mirror is on the left.  Hook in the middle. Magnetic tip on the right.

The next 3 images were rotated to show the linkage as it would be viewed from looking into the typewriter under the carriage from the right end of the carriage.
No other editing was done to these or the remaining images from the borescope.  They are sized to fit the blog format. Clicking on them will open them to the size saved on the phone.

This is the carriage release link

This is the link activated by the carriage release button

This is the link activated by the TAB button. It looked impossible to adjust this screw without removing the carriage.  It is not visible from behind the machine.  Adjustment seemed fine though as the carriage rack did not drag on the escapement gear when tabbed and the carriage pushed.

This is one of the arms of the centrifugal weights for the tab clutch.

This view is only possible with the borescope.

This is the Tabulator clutch mechanism.

This is how the image looks on the phone. Note, I'm holding the pone upside down so the image looks like the actual part orientation in the typewriter.
Addendum:  I was familiar with different very expensive borescopes as well as the affordable ones from Harbor Freight.  The ones from Harbor Freight are too large for using around a typewriter or anything small.

The ones I was familiar with for more intricate work were machinists kinds that cost upwards of thousands of dollars.   Medical endoscopes were also something I was familiar with and used in some of my emergency medical training.  These too were too large for a typewriter and very super expensive.

Thanks to a comment Mary E left about finding one for use with a smart phone. I decided to look an amazon and as seen in the comments in my previous post, I bought one.

I also wanted to post about it from her comment.   Remember about 10 years ago when the typosphere blogosphere was a lot  more active and many of us posted from or on ideas created by comments from other typosphereians and sometimes even from ideas from their blog posts?

I miss those days when the Typosphere was much more active and interesting than what it has morphed into.  Seems like the Luddites gave in to the modern and insecure one line quick posts of FB and the like.  One medium I refuse to use.  My Luddite spirit is too stubborn to FB or Tweet.

I do find it much easier to post about a new to me typewriter or a typewriter repair than general writing for a typecast.

So hopefully I, along with the few others that keep the Typosphere active, will continue to stay active in the Typosphere. 


  1. I can see how the borescope is going to be a really useful option in tricky to get to spots for you Bill, you must be really pleased. I think there will always be people with the passion, as you have, for typewriters and such ✨

  2. Bill, you were the inspiration when you mentioned "borescope". I think I am going to spring for the 33ft version since I will use it for projects around the house - not just typewriters. My husband and I recently spent a couple weekends excavating a 50ft section of silted sump drain pipe. This borescope will come in handy monitoring the new pipe since the Kyzee borescope is waterproof(!)

    Though I lurk on Facebook, I also prefer the blog format. I like that blogging (for me) is longer-form journaling and technical documentation that is easily indexed and searched. Blogging forces me to organize my thoughts and really think about what I am saying before I commit to a post - good for me since I am notorious for bad, hot takes. I get so much from the blog comments too - they create a rich, layered writing experience for me.

    1. You pointed out the main problem (other than security and privacy issues) with social media: searchability. Posts generally cannot or are not very detailed, and then searching for one at a later time is (from what I find) impossible.

      My post was a quick over view of the borescope. I should do a more detailed review especially since the instructions mention Bluetooth pairing, but the device communicates over WIFI, not Bluetooth. There are a few other items lost in translation too.

  3. I heartily agree with the sentiment about the early Typosphere. I do miss the days when the posts were invariably about an exciting new typewriter find or a documentation of a clever fix, and I do like that there are still many participants who post thusly. I am still a believer in the blogging lifestyle and methodology, and it's no surprise to me that my most popular and commented on posts are those "new finds" and "fixit" posts, many of which are still attracting appreciative new readers a half-decade or longer since their posted date. That's value you just do not get from social media posting.

    However, we did elect to be expansive in our definition of what the Typosphere is and allow the inclusion of blogs with sometimes very tangental links to typewriters, and while many of these aren't particularly in line with my own tastes, I also don't particularly think that a more restrictive inclusion policy would be in keeping with the spirit of what we want the Typosphere to be. I like the big tent, even if the big tent contains a lot of stuff that doesn't catch my personal interest.

    That said, now I really want one of those borescopes! :D

  4. Thanks for the Jeremy Mayer link Bill, his work is amazing..

    1. Nice thing about Jeremy, he uses mostly old broken non repairable typewriters he gets from California Typewriter and other places. He supplies parts that are needed to repair typewriters. I don't know that he uses any working typewriters.

  5. Well shoot, the post and comments make me feel like I'm not doing my duty for the Typosphere. Those darn "How to build" guides just take so much time to make...

    I always greatly enjoy seeing people post about their new machines on the Typosphere, far more than a quick post on the Face Book. I need to make the time to draft more posts, and do more commenting.

    The borescope is a cool tool, I'll need to pick one up eventually. The uses in dealing with typewriter problems are unlimited as far as I am concerned.