Sunday, December 30, 2018

Royal KMG

Typed on the KMG

This is the KMG when I started to clean it.

Looks like and accumulation of decades of dirt under the platen.

After the repairs and a few hours of cleaning (thanks Scrubbing Bubbles).
This project took longer than expected.  The week after I picked it up we got 2 good snowfalls after each other.  My spare time went to snow removal.

Then the weather got cold and the garage temperature went into the 30s before I had any heater ready for winter.  With a medium sized heater I can heat the work area to about 55 - 60F.  My big propane heater will get the entire garage into the 60 even when the garage temperature drops below 40F.  Generally though the garage stays in the 40s (without heat) until the weather gets really cold.

Last week I finally got to dig out a heater, and the garage warmed into the high 40s.  I decided I better finish this as someone is waiting for it and the Noiseless No. 6 to be returned.

Now that I got to use one of these I need to add one to my collection.  This is a really nice typer.

Now I hope to get time over the next day or two to get to work on the No. 6.  I finally got the ribbon spool covers off of it about a week ago.  The spool covers were stuck on with so much corrosion I did not know to pull or screw them off.
I knew the ones on my other Remington Noiseless typewriters only pulled off.  Eventually with enough Kroil I was able to wedge the covers off the moldy corroded ribbon and corroded spindles.  Other than this issue the typewriter is in nice condition except missing the top cover over the type bars.

 In closing, A Very Happy New Year to everyone!

May 2019 bring many typewriters into your collections.


  1. Very nice Bill. I recently came into a KMG. I don't have to courage or skills to go under the hood, so I had my finds over to a pro. I'm expecting it back soon and a excited to get typing on it. I't my first standard.

    So... Scrubbing Bubbles. I've heard of that. I'll have to give that a try.

  2. Excellent refurb on that KMG. I had one briefly, I remember it being a good machine, easy to work on. Also, very glad to hear you've joined the EP-20 cult! They are a delightfully evocative early-80's treat, and cute as buttons. You'll love it! :D

  3. Love the colour of the KMG. Happy New Year.

  4. We have a bookstore here in MKE that has a very similar machine on display -- but up on the top of some bookshelves, which prevents people from smacking away on the keys! Looks like you did some wonderful work there!

    p.s. Happy 2019!

  5. Happy happy New Year to you both Bill. Looks like 2019 is off to a busy but rewarding start for you. As for me I'm still recovering from three weeks of very early starts to the days as my grandchildren were working on Sydney time, adorable but exhausting ☺ I should imagine it must be extremely satisfying to restore to good as new these old beauties, enjoy ✨

  6. Happy weekend to you both, snuggle up and keep warm ✨

  7. Happy Lunar New Year to you both also Bill, hope all is well ✨

  8. I shoot in JPeg Bill, it's just easier for downloading onto the blog ✨

  9. Nice work on the KMG. Now that my garage is beginning to warm up, I'm doing more typewriter repair work in it. I have a couple Royal 10s on the bench and will try to take lots of pictures.

    1. I started a Royal 10 around Thanksgiving. It has been sitting ever since. I need to go through mil files to see what images I've gotten so far.