Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Facit TP1 Techno Pica

This is a card that can stand for practice.

The center type slugs

This is the mystery CSA typeface from my earlier post (4 Feb.) showing type slugs only.  Typing action is perhaps the smoothest of all of my machines so far.  This has the kind of feel that I could probably use all day and not tire.  It has touch control, a tabulator, 1, 2, and 3 line spacing as well as variable.  The platen and pressure rollers are in very good condition and if it were not for the covering in nicotine stains and smoke stink this machine would have been posted several weeks ago.  This may turn out to be my favorite machine.  I plan on putting one of my treated ribbons in it.

I did not get the hood for the keys or the cover, but I did get the manual and a typing chart with the typewriter.  The typing chart is posted at its original size if you click and save the image to have one of your own.

Robert Messenger has much more detail on this fine and somewhat rare (at least what I can find, not much on line and very few on Ebay or anywhere else) in the USA (and maybe elsewhere).

Here is a link to Robert's review of the TP1:
The Prince of Typewriters


  1. For a while now, after reading everyone's praise of this machine, I've had my eyes open for one. Not techno, though, it leaves me cold. Can't say I love the styling, either. But I am curious about its engineering. I have its predecessor, the Halda portable, and that is already a very good little typewriter.

    1. Richard,
      I hope you can find one. I think you will enjoy it. Visually the TP1 is nothing extravagant and I have never seen one win any color but grey. The typing action is very smooth and easy and the whole machine just works quite smoothly. I wonder what typefaces were available on these. This is the only one I've seen with Techno.

  2. That techno font is so cool. I've always wondered how I could even find one when typing samples are hardly posted on ebay/etsy. I guess it will have to be a thrift shop find.

  3. That's a very cool font! One question, though: What's going on with the "i"? It looks like the point isn't printed correctly?

    1. Maschinengeschreiben,
      The i is not printing as it should. One of the things I need to check.

  4. That techno font is fantastic. Very easy to read and looks great on paper. I really need to get one :)

    I also like the typewriter's design. Others may think it's dull but I think it's very well done. It's Swedish and that says it all!

    Congratulations on the macros. Great photos :)