Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Hermes 3000 is ready

I finally have my Hermes 3000 ready for use.  I have it a few weeks now and hope to start using it for some posts.

I found this machine online and the first thing I did was try my hand at removing and re-installing the platen.  Easy.  Thanks to Tom Furrier's post:
Next on the agenda find or make a replacement for the improperly repaired cracked right platen knob.  Thanks to Mr. Atwater-Kent (I also collect and restore antique radios) I found a radio frequency stage tweaking knob that fits almost perfectly.

Then I took the machine apart for an inspection (as if I know what I am really doing since I am not a typewriter technician) and cleaning.  I found the platen and all rubber rollers in great shape.  Dirty, but none were hard -- even the platen.

After putting it back together a few nights ago it was time for the big test.  Failure.  The platen would not advance on single space for an entire rotation of the platen.  So back to my shop it went to be taken apart the third time.  Since this is my first Hermes ever as well as my first attempt at repairing a type writer I retraced all my steps in the cleaning and all seemed fine.

I did find I did not like the way the platen re-fitted.  It just did not seem correct to me.  I also discovered the left pin assembly allowed normal single space if it was pushed in too far to attach the left hand knob.

To make a long story short I decided in a last ditch effort to remove, clean, lube, and re-install the ratchet platen advance assembly (my name for it).  It worked.  I now have a typewriter that works on all line feed settings.

More on this machine later and the post will be a typed one.  This Hermes is an elite and the print is nice and clean.

With that said I hope this is the end of computer generated posts (or at least severely limited)

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