Sunday, July 7, 2019

Type-In VI In June, and a Visitor From Hell

The Signature 513 was made in 1964

Type-In Sponsor

Paul, our host, and his son.

Paul's Aztec. This is one fantastic typewriter.

German on the left and Spanish on the ringht.

Hallway filled with typewriters.

A few hours into the the event, Mrs. M and I decided to have a coffee.

In honor of Joe Van Cleave (who often posts of lattes and his enjoyment of them) I decided to have a latte.  We both had a apricot pastry.  Those where so delicious I could have eaten a dozen, but I chose not to.  I did have a second one for desert though (and another latte)

On our return Mrs. M found a book she liked.

Being in Michigan we even had a visitor from Hell.

Signature 513 (JP-3) on the left facing off with the SM-9 on the right.  Somehow the JP-3 drew the most test typists.  I don't blame them. I think the Olympias are inferior to a lot of the others even this JP-3.  I should have taken the SM-8. It may have given the JP-3 a better competition as it is a really good typer, especially for an Olympia.

For all the Steampunk people ... A bit of Steampunk from one of the shops in the hall.
Overall the Type-In was a nice success. Paul did a great job of getting things organized, keeping up with the visitors, demonstrating typewriters, answering questions and being a tour guide to show Mrs. M & I the coffee shop.

The type-In location is in the old Northern Michigan Asylum first built in 1885 and added to in years since. I don't recall when in was closed and later converted to condominiums and shops.


  1. I've been to Hell. The first time was in the early '70s, and I saved a brochure. The last time was sometime in the oughts, and there didn't seem to be anything there except for a biker bar, or maybe it was a little grocery/ammo store--I can't recall.

    However, Landmark Books looks like an awesome little store, and the next time that I'm in Traverse City, I'll be sure to visit.

    1. Not much to do in Hell. General store, 2 bars, and maybe another store.

      Landmark is a really nice bookstore. Paul also collects and repairs typewriters.

  2. Wow, that is a wonderful space to have a type-in! (:
    Love that Contempo typeface, I wasn't aware that it came on Brothers (for some reason, I remember it as a Royal face). Really sweet machine. I hope you had a lot of passersby enjoying the setup - looks like a great party. :D

    1. Once someone test drove the Brother others seemed to migrate to it. I sat the Brother and Olympia together due to their neat typefaces, but like me, others found the Oly to be less of a typer than the JP-3 regardless of its typeface and moved over to the Brother.

  3. Nice write-up and pictures. That looks like such an interesting venue. I want the t-shirt of Paul's son :)

  4. Looks like it was indeed a 'glorious day in Michigan' Bill. A well organised event and with coffee and pastries.. who could ask for more 😉

  5. Just my cuppa Joe. Nice typecast typeface too!