Sunday, May 19, 2019

Bicycle typing & Pool Noodles

The link is to a bicycle article I just read a few minutes ago.

It is quite interesting as I am always on the look out for ways to be more visible and safe while biking on country roads as well as city and town streets.

I like to strap a Skyriter on my bike or carry one in my panniers and take a ride to a local park or trail for some quiet outdoors typing.

I've lived in many places with narrow roads and very hilly terrain.  In this area of Michigan we have hills, hills, and more hills, and blind spots everywhere.  The country roads generally do not have a shoulder. (neither did they in Pennsylvania or Virginal of Florida) A bright lime green pool noodle seems a good addition to my lime green vest and flashing red high intensity LED tail light.

Bicycle Pool Noodle

Happy & safe bicycle riding and typing.


  1. Skywriter is a nice choice for a bike writer! SO where exactly is the pool noodle going?

    1. It is just to create better visibility, and it is a good indicator for motorists to observe the 5 foot clearance law here in MI. Motorists must maintain at least a 5 foot space between their vehicle and a bicyclist on all roads. I wonder how good it will work or how much of a problem it will be in the city on streets without a bicycle lane.

  2. What a good idea Bill.. I will think of this everytime we use the noodles in the pool. The bright orange noodles would work well too ✨

  3. Pool pasta makes you pedal faster.

  4. Happy weekend to you both also Bill ✨