Friday, June 22, 2018

All Set For The Traverse City Type-In and Typewriter Day

Just noticed the typo after posting.


  1. Well, I was all set. Now for the super big disappointment. I won't be going. My favorite place for a Type-In, Typewriter Day, and I can't make it. Mrs. M is not up to the trip and I don't venture too far normally without her so I'll be waiting on the next event. Maybe that will be in Ann Arbor.

    At least I may not fully miss Field Day. I will not be able to be on the air from Hell as one of my goal, but with a new-to-me mint condition Yaesu FT-7 and my trusty straight key I think I'll put a wire in a not so visible place and do some QRP on battery power. CW_--- The original digital mode since the 1890s. If the telegraph is included; even earlier about 1830.

  2. Sorry to read above that you missed the Type-in Bill but there will always be another. I hope Mrs M is feeling a bit better now, take care ✨

  3. I enjoyed your description of the pelican Bill.. the Jimmy Durante of birds 😀😀