Tuesday, October 17, 2017

A Bit of History

These are some of the many wind turbines we saw driving through Ohio.
These are so interesting and peaceful as they perform their rotary ballet with a slight swish... ... swish ... ... as long as the wind blows. Not much wind is required. 
A sampling of Richard's machines.  Mrs. M. was especially interested in how the Columbia worked.  Richard kindly explained.
No visit would be complete without a group photo.  Luckily the fellow in the middle who very seldom gets in front of the lens, did not break Mrs. M's camera. Image courtesy of one of Richard's students.
On the way back to Florida from Ohio I stopped for a short stay in...
A book full of history.  It arrived in the mail today.  Image courtesy of my new-to-me digital imager.  I managed to find a really nice used Olympus OM-D E-M10 with a complement of 4 lenses.  Now I'm doing u4/3 imaging.  Quite nice since I have a huge complement of 35mm lenses that will fit the body, and they all render much better images than the M.Zuiko, Panasonic, or Leica (Panasonic rebranded so the price can be inflated) lenses.

When we were in Iowa a few years ago our hotel was just down the street from a pair of the turbines. It was quite a relaxing experience to sit there and watch them spin.  Like a child I did need to lay on my back on the ground and watch up at one of them until the guard made his round and spied me inside the fence.  He was quite polite though and we sat outside at the pic-nic table talking about the turbines for about half an hour.

Mrs. is not real keen to the turbines though.  The birds fly into them and get killed.  She's a bird watcher.  Good though.  That was my excuse to buy the Stylus 1, about a 400mm lens that can also go to about 1200mm (35mm equiv) and a constant f2.8.  Great imager for the money because I cannot afford a Sony RX-10-III.

On our way back to Florida from Ohio we took a side trip and I got to go to jail.

More later.


  1. Wow how exciting Bill, not the staying in jail bit :) Incroyable typewriters there, have not seen anything like the first two. I do like the wind turbines as well, I love that they use nature to create power, hopefully not too many birds meet their fate this way, that is the only bad thing about them. I've been thinking about getting a 18-40mm lens for my Olympus but as you say they are expensive and to be truthful I don't really need it!

  2. No I didn't buy a dress Bill, I was too busy taking photos.. which is just as well 😀😀

    1. Oh, that nasty photography habit gets in the way all the time.
      Just kidding. I do the same (no, I do not buy dresses, Mrs. M does) I can take photos or do other things.

  3. Really cool typewriter pics! Who knew typewriters would be such collector's items! If it hadn't been for my ex Mom-in-law typing papers for me in college, I might not have graduated! Thank God for computers and the delete button!!!

    1. Delete is difficult with a typewriter. When I was in college I sometimes had several sheets more sheets of my reports in the trash than in the final document! Typing teaches patience. Most of my posts are on typewriters and not nearly as many on fountain pens or other things as I thought when I started this blog.