Sunday, February 8, 2015

I.T.A.M. 2015

Photo from ad.  Is this thing damaged or will it be fine?  Turns out it was and is fine.

Hermes 3000.8
I hope to post more on my adventures with the Oliver typewriters as well as some of our week end getaways.  Plenty of photos and enough to type for a few posts if I take the time to do them.

We've been back out to the local parks and wildlife preserves enjoing summer weather while most of the rest of North America is burried in snow or shivering from sub-zero temperatures.  Know what?  I miss both (except on the firegound or responding to emergencies on ice-covered roads).

Summer here is worse than the times where the tempereature was below zero F for a month or more and we got dumping after dumping after dumping of snow in accumulations of 12 or more inches at a time.  I'd take off with my backpack, tent, and snow shoes and go camping.  More work than in the summer, but no bugs.

Really, I do like the spring-time weather the best.  Shirt and shorts weather, no bugs, and Mrs. M can go along.  If we were still in the North she'd be pretty much stuck indoors.  I guess there are advantages and disadvantages to almost any locality.


  1. One of these days, I'm going to buy a Hermes 3000. As for weather, we've been having some really warm days in the upper 70s, but there's still time for snow and ice.

  2. Oh, geez. How did we forget ITAM? D:

    Happy ITAM to you, and now I gotta get my shucks in the buckwheat. :D

  3. P.S. I keep having trouble with line advance on my Oliver working sporadically. I can't tell if I'm nudging a control or it's disengaging itself and I can never recall which thing to adjust for it.

  4. Your head has been turned by the curves - I'd have to put any difference down to age and set-up (the H3K's, of course) rather than body style. There's a guy, Marty at Johnstown Typewriter Conservatory should be able to help with Oliver queries:

    I read somewhere a procedure for the drawband and the importance of the metal clip and its orientation. Honeslty can't remember where I read about but the info must be 'out there' somewhere. Good luck with it. Even having foresworn amassing a larger collection, I'd still cross the street for a good looking Oliver. Good luck with it! And Happy ITAM15 - how did I forget?

    1. If you'd take a rounded body machine and a square body machine, remove both sets of covers, examine the workings, they look the same. Why the square ones have the mushy feel and the round ones the feel of a well built snappy typewriter is a mystery. Neither are as snappy as an Underwood, Smith-Corona, or Royal, followed by several other brands.

      I may examine both styles mechanics a bit later if I think of it and have the time. I know some of the parts are interchangeable and some are not interchageable.

  5. Typospherfically speaking I enjoyed reading this post very much Bill :) happy ITAM to you, how COULD you forget :)

  6. Typospherfically speaking I enjoyed reading this post very much Bill :) happy ITAM to you, how COULD you forget :)