Wednesday, November 27, 2013

It's A Jewell

I did not quite know how I wanted to start this post.  If I had chosen it was a Jewell of a day or some similar title I was unsure what to write.

Today is my third day in Pennsylvania and the fifth (not of Scotch though) of my trip.
Earlier today there was a bit of sleet so Debbie and I decided to wait on the weather and see if we would get rain or snow.  As it turned out the precipitation stopped so we decided to take a trip to visit some Army surplus stores since it was one of the planned stops of my trip. We then packed the car and headed to Coleman's Military Surplus.

Debbie had never been to any surplus store before and was amazed at Coleman's.  We spent several hours there and a few more dollars than planned.  We never did make it to Millersburg and Saturn Surplus.  Had I brought my Blazer that would have been a must stop as I wanted to get another 4A032 engine and a few other generator parts.  Now I have an excuse for another trip.

Then we headed North and stopped at my parents house where I picked up the Jewell.

I did not want the flash, but the camera froze (as in due to the 20 deg. F temp.) and I could not retake without the strobe.  I like the contrasting colors to my Ace.

 Blasted Blogger!  I hate the auto crap Blogger does, but it is free.

I started to type out on the patio because everyone else wanted to talk and the typewriter drove kitty cat crazy.  
Then the snow started falling again and blowing in on my paper.  As the paper got wet it did not want to feed correctly so I plopped the lid back onto the machine and put the typewriter in the car.

Hope these typecasts are readable.  I am using my camera since I don't have a scanner.

Now Blogger lets me have normal justification.  I made quite a bit of typos in the typecast.  The first was because it was difficult typing in the blustery wind.  Later as I started to type in the hotel room I became interested in a documentary about Johnny Cash that I had never seen before, and I did not pay much attention to typing.

Another neat logo

I found this to be the most common of the Underwood globe and wing logo.
Like my ACE the Jewell has little listed on either Typewriter Serial Number sites.  I am guessing this one is from 1954 since the serial number is W 2499306.  If any one knows better please let me know.

I bid everyone a very enjoyable and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

For now from the Keystone via my Underwood Jewell and Dell XPS


  1. I wouldn't pass up on this - or a Johnny Cash doco either!

  2. I didn't know this model. I find its simplicity and choice of colours appealing. Have a good trip & happy thanksgiving!

  3. "Either typewriter serial number site..." there's a phrase you couldn't have used a year ago! Well done for braving the cold - I wonder if there's a world typecasting record for lowest temperature.

  4. Sounds like challenging typing conditions.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Another winged Underwood for you.
    Thanksgiving greetings!

  6. What an interesting blog. Typewriters ... ah that brings back memories....

  7. So that's where you've been?!?
    In any event, glad to hear your TD was fine, healthy, & food-filled with a dash of snow.
    Bill, how do you find typewriter places selling reliable and working manual typewriters? And how do you locate repair operations in SFL? I've three (TW) in my possession acquired from here and there at good prices, but they're going to need some polishing up. Any ideas?
    Also, Royal has come out with a new manual––"Epoch"––what do you know of it? Thanks, Bill. Donna of Flying Pages

    1. I get my typewriters from thrift stores (when I travel because the ones I find in FL never have manual typewriters), Craigslist or on line. On line is risky because even it the machine worked perfectly before it was shipped it could get damaged in shipping and most sellers do not know proper packing even when requested. Local and Craigslist the machines can be tried before buying.

      Check out Richard Polt's Classic Typewriter Page for repair shops and basic cleaning and repairing.

  8. I have a picture of you typing in the rain trying to keep your paper From flying around Bill :)) Sounds like you had a good trip, with some lucky finds. Was interested to read your comment about batteries today, sounds a wee bit complicated :)

  9. I thought about you today Bill.. i was in a little antique shop and they had quite a wonderful collection of old typewriters, I even thought about buying one for a moment there :)).

    1. And you did not buy one!? They are fun and like the Lays Potato Chip advert, bet you can't stop at just one. The real line is 'eat just one', but I find it fitting for those like me who at one time had a typewriter,