Sunday, February 10, 2013


Correction.  The radio station that went on the air was in the late 1960s and was off the air in the mid to late 1980s.  Sorry for the typos, like the forgotten ) at the end of 1/1/00)


  1. I remember AM radio too. When I was a kid our VW Beetle had a factory-installed Saphire XII AM radio with a single speaker located right in front of the driver, behind a small grille, just left of the speedometer. It was quite an experience when we drove the car out of town. One moment we would be listening to a station, then we'd drive under some high-tension wires (and listen to the unmistakable buzzing sound they made), and then we'd be listening to something else... or nothing at all. That radio was also unable to pick any station when we drove through some of the many underpasses in the city.

    I remember clearly the station I listened to back in the '70s: Radio 590, "La Pantera".

    1. Miguel,
      I remember those VW Beetles quite well. Our neighbor had one and would haul her son and myself to visit radio stations when we were in high school.

      I do not think any one in our family had a car with an F.M. radio in it until I was in college. All the a.m. radios had very similar quirks and noise from the power lines.

      In some circumstances one could hear 2 stations at one time due to the heterodyning and intermodulation, or even a station a few channels off or at the other end of the dial


  2. The fm radio in my Kia (2006 Spectra) is pretty good, but I do listen to two am stations here, and I remember picking up distant ones at night in my youth. Thanks for the memories.

  3. I just noticed I was typing dyslectic and typed 31 as 13 (12/31/99). Just one of my many typos in the post.