Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Preview: My First Round Body Hermes 3000

This project was started in the spring of this year after I left the typewriter sit while I cleaned or repaired and cleaned machines I got after this one. It is the first Hermes 3000 I took apart. It sat perhaps 2 months while I searched for a little steel ball to fit the lever assembly. I have been anxious to use this one.  Turns out as I stated, it is a fine typer.

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  1. I like the typeface a lot. clean, big and readable.

  2. Congrats on completing the maintenance! I have never used a boxy 3000, but I can only imagine there is a bit of a different feeling between the two. Then again, my later model SM9 feels just about as nice as my earlier one.

  3. nicely done! I may call you for help.

  4. Well done on getting the round 3000 up and running! I love those too, if only for their fine looks, but I can't say I notice too much of a difference in terms of typing action with their later counterparts. It is always nice to bring a machine back to life after it has lain dormant for a while!

  5. Congratulations, Bill, it's great that you brought your Hermes 3000 back to life. Next in line: your Olivetti!