Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Hermes 3000 Taken Apart Part 1 and a Quiz

After scanning and posting I noticed a few more typos than I thought I made.
I also got the paper in my scanner a bit slanted.
This typecast is a bit different than most.  I do not have any photos at this time.

I took the machine apart at work and typed the above at work and finished it under a shade tree sitting at a pick-nick table behind one of the gasoline stations on the way home from work.

Normally this is a nice quite place where I can read, write or relax.  Not so with a typewriter.  I caused a bit of interest from the owner and some of the customers when they saw some fellow sitting under the tree typing.

This particular machine caused quite a bit of interest also.

Which one did I use?  I won't tell you.  Take a guess.


  1. I don't know which machine produced the typecast, but the typeface is stunning.

  2. Was the typecast done on a Royal Signet?

    Good luck with the Hermes project.

  3. I can not identify the machine but it's an amazing typeface. I'm looking forward to find out wich typewriter produced it! and also some pictures of the Hermes.

  4. I love this typeface!!!
    It seems like a sort of uppercase italics :-)

  5. First solo type-out? Now, caps AND italics? That's a pretty special typewriter, but not a clue.

  6. I realized I should have titled this post:This is the Rounded Body Hermes 3000 Taken Apart as -- A Hermes 3000 Taken Apart Part 2

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