Friday, September 7, 2012

Fun Friday Rambling & Babbling

The difference is due to the current storm.  As I finished the typecast a thunderstorm rolled in and I wanted to get off of the wired system.  I switched to my notebook which has a different scanner software package on it.  I did not know there was such a difference.  It looks like it is time to put the scanner package on my server and ensure all the PCs have the same configurations since I still use the notebook PC independently from the server.

--- After I finish some radio work.


  1. A skyriter and a camera, those two come in handy.
    I do bring a camera whenever I make the trip downtown, something photo worthy always pops up.

  2. I should really start bringing a typewriter out with me. Not that I go out all that often where I would have a chance to use one, but I really should. I have that little Antares Parva that would do the trick nicely. Leila normally has her little Sony camera in her purse, and my phone takes decent enough pictures if the object is up close.