Friday, September 21, 2012

Capchas and blogs

No typecast, but I have had it with Blogger's stupid capchas.
If you blog has a capcha I may or may not leave a comment.  Over the past few days I have entered some as many as 5 times to no avail.  Therefore I will still be following all your blogs and I will not be commenting. 

We all can do what we want with our blog.  After all is that not why we have one?

However after months of Blogger changing things I just have had enough of the time waster capchas.


  1. I know what you mean, Bill. It's gotten crazier and crazier with the photos of the numbers and the 'words' getting harder and harder to decipher. I've getting spam, so I've put my comments on Moderate but kept the word verification thing OFF!

    p.s. Re: that hinky Skyriter. Does the ribbon jump forward as you type? I have a Royalite and Royal Crescent, both of which have what seem to by hyperactive ribbon advance action going on!

  2. I agree, those things are annoying. I checked my settings, and just made sure that option is disabled (it wasn't... and I don't recall having setting it up. Sorry).

  3. I've been having more trouble with the captchas too -- and I worry that I don't know how Google is using those numbers (which appear to be street addresses).

    Everyone, please releess the captcha!

  4. I have had mine on from the get-go, because I was worried about being spammed. However, I too have been having great difficulty reading them when I go to comment on other's blogs, so I will be disabling mine as soon as I finish typing this reply.

    Don't stop commenting on my blog Bill; I enjoy your comments too much!

  5. Comment moderation appears to scare away most of the spammers. I am approaching 14,000 page views since switching to moderation instead of the dread capchas and have only needed to mark ten or so comments as spam. I also had to defeat an automated photo search/indexing engine (Nachob0t) that was screwing up my view count.

  6. To everyone about the spam when captchas are diabled. I have not had a problem in the 6 or so months since I disabled the feature. If I do I'll either enable moderation or as a last resort the capcha. I like the idea of them, but Blogger should use the newer game ones. Fun, less time and reliable. I read in I think it was Electronics Design magazine that 40% of ones time is wasted on the text and text number captchas.

  7. Dwayne, I am virtually shaking your hands for this decision, I've been waiting for you to do this!

    1. Sorry, Bill, I realized I just called you "Dwayne."
      Need caffeine now!

  8. I am grateful to notagain for recently pointing out that my captcha was turned on -- I had thought that I'd turned it off months ago! -- and so I turned OFF my "word verification". Again. Sometimes I wonder if Blogger glitches this occasionally and turns it back on?

    In any case, I join the chorus of disliking Captcha intensely, and please let me know if you encounter it on my blog in the future!

  9. Right on, Bill! I haven't looked back since turning it off in February, and the few spam comments (one every couple of month) are much less than I thought I would be getting. Well worth it.

  10. I've never liked Captcha, and it has never been active on maschinengeschrieben. In all that time, I received a total of 18 spam comments - of which more than half got filtered out by Blogger, the other half got stuck in the comment moderation. So I don't think the use of Captcha is needed.
    Also, with the new Captchas shwoing people's house numbers, I feel uncomfortable feeding these into Google StreetView.

  11. I disabled my Captcha twice now. The first time, I was overrun with spam comments in the first few hours, so I quickly turned it back on. I have since, recently, turned it back off. I have not had a problem since getting rid of it. Not a single piece of spam has come onto the page.
    Now that I have joined those without Captcha, I can groan with more conviction when I have to enter one to comment on someone else's blog!

  12. well, i always take a stb at entering what i see at first glance... and i get 99% right first time. but i know what you mean - they are apain. if you leave a comment box, make it easy to post in. for info, i get about one piece of spam every couple of months without capcha.

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